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Who Will Police the Police?

- A child walking out of a store with a doll should not suffer graver consequences than a White House aide breaking the law.
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Nerd Prom Needs a Chaperone

- Let's not waste our precious freedom of speech and freedom of the press in cheap shots and tawdry comedy.
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On Lies and the Truths We Must Tell

- If we hope to preserve our democracy, we must demand truth every day.
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Voices of Trinity: Presidential Inauguration Edition Part 1

- The 58th Presidential Inauguration takes place next Friday, and the Trinity campus community has a lot of opinions about the issues at stake! Straw polls return! Stay tuned to this blog for more poll results as the week goes along....
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Trinity Straw Poll: 2 Weeks to Go to Election Day!

- Trinity voices are strong and urgent for the current presidential campaign --- read campus responses to the latest straw poll!
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