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Monthly Archives: August 2020

Voices of Trinity: Christina Swinney ’20, Pope Francis Scholar!

- A passion for serving the under-served and vulnerable, creating hope for the future.
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Straw Poll Results August 2020

- Concerns about Covid-19 and financial issues top the list of worries for students as we start the Fall 2020 semester.
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August 20: Happy Birthday, Trinity!

- 123 years ago, visionary and courageous Sisters of Notre Dame founded Trinity. What a magnificent legacy they left for us to enjoy!
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Siege of Democracy

- Every voter must vote, and every vote must count if we have any hope of ending the current siege of democracy.
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History and Progress

- Making history is not enough if we don't make progress faster.
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Women Leaders and the “B” Word

- Let's have a new vocabulary for women leaders: Bold, Brave, Bodacious, Brainy!
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