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Monthly Archives: June 2018

Leading by Lying

- We need to cultivate a new generation of leaders with the moral center necessary to rebuild America as the Good Society we seek.
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Message to Congress: Free the Children!

- Congress has a grave responsibility to act immediately to restore the detained children to their families. To do any less is collusion in the human rights crisis that the current administration policy has created.
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From Hashtags to Hope: Challenge to the Class of 2018

- We must move beyond hashtags to use the leverage of our righteous anger at current conditions to create genuine social change. The Class of 2018 now joins a long line of Trinity public leaders who have devoted their talents to improving the lives of others.
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Alumnae Memories

- Alumnae Reunion Weekend 2018 was filled with good times and great memories. Congratulations to all reunion classes and especially the Class of 1968!
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Celebrating Trinity Alumnae

- Dr. Virginia Bergin MacKenzie '58 has published a remarkable book on the civil war in Liberia. She is one of so many accomplished alumnae returning for the 2018 reunion.
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Welcome Home, Alumnae!

- Classes ending in "3" and "8" gather on campus this weekend to renew friendships and carry on the decades-long stories of the lives of Trinity Women. Welcome!
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