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On Lies and the Truths We Must Tell


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Fear is the most powerful weapon dictators have to seize and maintain their power.  Fear preys on the most basic psychological needs of human beings to be free from physical harm, to be economically secure, to protect and care for our children and families.  Autocrats generate fear through capitalizing on ignorance and spreading lies — particularly widespread ignorance of other peoples and cultures and lies about their ability to commit violence and take away jobs.

We Americans study the history of tyranny and exclaim, “That’s terrible, but it would not happen here!” as we congratulate ourselves on the robust state of our democracy.  The experience of the last few months now exposes this once-confident boast as terribly naive and perhaps even dangerous as a new administration indulges in a remarkable torrent of false and misleading statements as a basis for policy and action.

The gravest lie we are grappling with at the present moment is the Trump Administration’s cruel and unreasonable war on immigrants — mostly people who are black and brown, and Muslim — Mexicans and refugees from central America, Syrian refugees, people from certain countries in the Middle East and Africa including Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Syria, Yemen, Libya and Somalia.  Trump’s “travel ban” for people from the latter 7 nations is currently stayed by federal court order, but the executive order imposing the ban has spread fear and uncertainty among many people in the United States and worldwide. Outrageously, President Trump subsequently attacked the judges who ruled against him, and has his surrogates proclaiming that, “The powers of the president…will not be questioned.”  THAT, my friends, is an invitation to rise in vigorous defense of the balance of powers!

Meanwhile, the Administration’s war on immigration across our southern border is proceeding with ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) raids in cities across the U.S., leading to hundreds of deportations.

President Trump claims this is all about stopping terrorism, but in fact, the evidence is clear that the people being banned and deported are not terrorists (see this excellent Nick Kristof column on terrorists and guns in the US), and the claim that there is widespread crime and unlawful behavior in immigrant communities is just not true.  But stoking fear about “the other” and waving the flag of national security were major themes in Trump’s election, and, now, “…the keeping of  my campaign promise…” to keep his voter base enthralled and thus the next campaign is already underway.

The Trump Administration’s lies and fearmongering about immigrants are also a theme in the president’s outrageous claims of voter fraud in the election that he won.  The evidence refuting this claim is overwhelming, and yet, as recently as the Sunday talk shows, the president’s surrogates continue to make this outrageous claim — but understand, the administration is not really trying to prove anything, just repeating the accusation over and over again is destabilizing enough in the way it sows doubt about our elections and reinforces presidential power.

Presidential Counselor Kellyanne Conway, Trinity Class of 1989, has played a large role in facilitating the manipulation of facts and encouraging the grave injustice being perpetrated by the Trump Administration’s war on immigrants among many other issues.  She is one of President Trump’s primary spokespersons, an almost daily figure on cable news shows.  Some people admire her staunch advocacy for her client’s positions, and others applaud the fact that she was the first woman to manage a successful presidential campaign.  But in fact, as is true of many of President Trump’s statements, her advocacy on his behalf is often at variance with the truth.   Ms. Conway invented the now-infamous phrase “alternative facts”  to defend Trump’s claims about the size of crowds at his inauguration, a thinly-veiled autocratic scheme to try to claim that the Trump inauguration drew the biggest crowd in history when, in fact, it was on the smaller side.  Ms. Conway has been part of a team that thinks nothing of shaping and spreading a skein of lies as a means to secure power.  Perhaps the “Bowling Green Massacre” comment was truly a mistake, as she claims, but she repeated that canard on three different occasions as an explanation for why the travel ban, an executive order that clearly discriminates against Muslims, was necessary.

These issues have real consequences for Trinity students, faculty and staff.  In a recent conversation with some Trinity students, I was horrified and saddened to learn that some of our students who have DACA status have been hassled, frisked and interrogated at airports for domestic travel during the Christmas holidays, and others are now fearful of traveling within the U.S. to go home to other states to see families and friends, or for summer jobs.  The climate for all immigrants has become treacherous.  I wonder if other members of our Trinity community who are immigrants, regardless of status, have similar experiences or fears, and would welcome comments about this (email me privately at

As I thought about our students and the whole ugly mess that the new administration has made of life in the U.S. in such a short period of time, I could not help but think of Trinity’s Honor Code and our commitment to social justice.

The Honor Code says we must not look away from lies, that we must confront them and tell the truth as a matter of justice for the community.  The truth of the present moment in our country is that the authoritarian impulse will prevail unless people of courage and integrity confront the outright lies and shady manipulation of facts.  Social Justice says that our first and most important duty is to be of service to those who are suffering and in need, to be our sister’s keeper, to stand in solidarity with all those who need our support and capacity to stand up to injustice.  Justice demands that we be advocates for the truth.

As I write about truth and justice, I recall the heroic example of the great Sister of Notre Dame, Dorothy Stang, who was murdered 11 years ago today in the Amazon rainforest by ranchers who wanted to silence her advocacy for justice for the indigenous people she worked with.  Sr. Dorothy did not hesitate to speak the truth on behalf of the people she served.  Her ability to tell the truth, to be an advocate for people on the margins.  She paid the ultimate price for her courage.  While none of us can hope to have nearly that much courage, we should pray for at least enough backbone to speak out about what we see that is unjust, to raise our voices for those who cannot speak. 

I will write more about this in the days to come.  I welcome your thoughts in the comment section below or email me at any time and let me know if I can publish your comments.

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102 Responses to On Lies and the Truths We Must Tell

  1. Jack Lindsey says:

    Thank you for being honest in your convictions to speak up against this unfortunate graduate of trinity. Ms. Conway, was apparently raised and educated in a way that minimized the importance of TRUTH over $$ . Her actions seem most often focused on a path toward a personal reward , absent of any conviction which might last beyond her next paycheck. All educational institutions should refocus their curricula toward providing a central, basic premise,; that one’s integrity and ultimate success in life (happiness) is, in the end based on truth and credibility rather than
    temporal gains brought by lies and profit.
    I hope she winds up in jail with the rest of the Trump cronies.

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  3. President McGuire…I only wish you could be this passionate in defending the rights of the unborn child! You certainly have had many opportunities to defend this group of marginalized, defenseless human beings! And plenty of opportunity to reprimand Trinity graduates in public office who blantantly contradict the mission and values of Trinity University, the Catholic Church and the dignity of all human beings. I would have much more respect for your agenda if it was less politically motivated and spoke the truth. I am wondering if you are acting as the leader of a catholic institution or a puppet of the left liberal Democrats that you appear so frequently in photos with. A true leader should not be alienating her alumni. Maybe it is time for new Trinity leadership more focused on Trinity mission … less focused on affirmation from Nancy Pelosi. Amen.

  4. Vivek Jazz says:

    Thank you.

  5. qq terbaik says:

    You have elevated women’s education with this and other statements over the years. Proud that The Washington School for Girls has been a partner with Trinity over the years.

  6. Therese Collerd says:

    President McGuire…I only wish you could be this passionate in defending the rights of the unborn child! You certainly have had many opportunities to defend this group of marginalized, defenseless human beings! And plenty of opportunity to reprimand Trinity graduates in public office who blantantly contradict the mission and values of Trinity University, the Catholic Church and the dignity of all human beings. I would have much more respect for your agenda if it was less politically motivated and spoke the truth. I am wondering if you are acting as the leader of a catholic institution or a puppet of the left liberal Democrats that you appear so frequently in photos with. A true leader should not be alienating her alumni. Maybe it is time for new Trinity leadership more focused on Trinity mission … less focused on affirmation from Nancy Pelosi. Amen.

  7. Thank you, Pat, for your thoughtful, powerful words. I agree — telling the truth is necessary for a just society–be it one’s family, one’s alma mater, or one’s nation. Your faithful commitment to, and leadership of, Trinity through turbulent times continues to hearten this tired alum.

    It’s hard to know where to put one’s energies when so much is wrong with our world. Your resilience and commitment (and that of so many other Trinity women) inspire me. May we all find and use our voices as you have done — and continue to do. –Maureen Patrick ’66

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  9. Domino Qiu says:

    I was so thrilled to read your remarks about truth and the misrepresentation of it by one of our graduates. Your words express what I feel.

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  11. Ricard says:

    Thank you so much for your tireless advocacy for women, justice, integrity, and truth. I work at a local community college and pass along your wise words as an example of leadership. I also suggest my students check out my beloved Alma Mater as an outstanding transfer option. Thanks for making us all proud!

  12. Piroska Molnár Haywood says:

    Painful. That’s all I can say about the many, many supportive responses for President McGuire’s blog post, which harshly condemned Kellyanne Conway. Painful because these responses praising President McGuire are so off the mark, so sycophantic, so sanctimonious—and so lacking in intelligence and common sense. So very much like women always wanting to be “nice,” to say the expected thing. Rather like the “cookie-cutter women” Trinity girls were accused of being in my day (B. A. summa cum laude, 1960). Today’s Trinity graduates are much more “cookie-cutter” and they are, alas, less intellectually capable, judging from their letters.
    These letters in support of President McGuire are gushy and smug, tsunamis of affirmation consisting of tired clichés.
    The intellectually honest thing would have been to examine President McGuire’s claims and react in accordance with their accuracy—or rather in accordance with their hysterical hyperbole.
    I have reviewed via Google the two instances that President McQuire gives for accusing Mrs. Conway of being “part of a team that thinks nothing of shaping and spreading a skein of lies” for the Trump administration. Both instances are petty in the extreme, nowhere approaching the gravity of the many instances when Democratic politicians have claimed, when caught in a lie, that they “misspoke.”
    The first instance cited by President McGuire is Mrs. Conway, on “Meet the Press,” defending White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer who had said that the crowds at President Trump’s inauguration were the largest ever, when in reality crowd estimates for President Obama’s first inauguration far exceeded those of President Trump’s. Mrs. Conway defended Press Secretary Spicer by saying that he had presented “alternative facts.” The interviewer crowed immediately that alternative facts were not facts, but falsehoods. The accusation of lying against Mrs. Conway rests on this, namely that she used the phrase “alternative facts” in a positive sense. Not only is the whole subject petty and often disputed (size of crowds), Mrs. Conway’s use of the phrase “alternative facts” was, in fact, logically accurate. The definition of “fact” in the Merriam-Webster dictionary is “A piece of information presented as having objective reality.” Now elementary logical thinking, such as used to be taught at Trinity College, will tell anyone that something “presented as” is subject to dispute—to, of all things, different facts presented as having objective reality. In other words, to the claim of alternative facts!
    The other accusation by President McGuire against Mrs. Conway to support classifying her as being part of a team spreading a skein of lies, is that she used a non-existent “Bowling Green Massacre” to justify President Trump’s travel ban on people from certain Muslim countries.
    I don’t think any of the letter writers fawning on President McGuire, or even President McGuire herself, bothered to inform themselves of the following (undisputed) facts:
    According to a New York Times article of February 3, 2017, “Two Iraqi citizens, Mohanad Shareef Hammadi and Waad Ramadan Alwan, were indicted on federal terrorism charges in Bowling Green, Kentucky, in late May, 2011. According to a Justice Department news release from January 2013, the two men had attempted to send weapons and money to Al Qaeda in Iraq with the aim of killing American soldiers there. Both defendants pleaded guilty to the federal charges, and Mr. Hammadi was sentenced to life in prison, while Mr. Alwan, whose fingerprints were found on an undetonated improvised explosive device in Iraq, was sentenced to 40 years in federal prison, with a life term of supervised release.
    Assistant Attorney General Lisa Monaco said at the time, ‘These two former Iraqi insurgents participated in terrorist activities overseas and attempted to continue providing material support to terrorists while they lived here in the United States. With today’s sentences, both men are being held accountable,’ .Assistant Attorney General Lisa Monaco said at the time, ‘These two former Iraqi insurgents participated in terrorist activities overseas and attempted to continue providing material support to terrorists while they lived here in the United States. With today’s sentences, both men are being held accountable.’ ”
    Any fair-minded person, not blinded by self-righteous social justice mania, will see that it is quite understandable that Mrs. Conway could not recall with perfect accuracy—in January of 2017–something that happened in May of 2011. Also to be remarked is that while there may not have been a massacre at Bowling Green, there have been other massacres on American soil by Muslims, such as the Boston Marathon bombings in 2013 by the brothers Tsarnaev, born in the Kalmyk Autonomous Soviet Republic and in Kyrgyzstan. This assault killed three people and injured several hundred others, and also killed a policeman. So her point was absolutely valid, even though her specific example was slightly off the mark. (One can also easily see how someone under intense hostile questioning by adversarial news sources could confuse words like “marathon” and “massacre,” while retaining the essential point she was making.)
    Mrs. Conway’s accusers, preening in their devotion to truth, should remember that false accusations are morally the worst sort of lies, and that their interpretations of Mrs. Conway’s statements come very close to false accusations.
    And are based on minor incidents. In contrast, the adulation accorded by Trinity College (aka Trinity Washington University) and by President McGuire personally to at least three Trinity graduates prominent in politics who were thoroughly and consistently pro-abortion—Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Kennelly, and Kathleen Sebelius, all Democrats– truly calls into question the sincerity of the allusions to Catholic social teaching, somewhat subtle, to be sure, in President McGuire’s essay but more specific in many of the letters supporting her. Trinity Washington University has divested itself of any meaningful Catholic identity, and has no right to appeal to it in order to score political points for the Left.
    Finally, I must mention the many accolades in the letters for President McGuire’s “courage.” This is another example of fuzzy thinking, and of unfamiliarity with the meaning of words. Courage means taking a risk in face of danger for what one believes to be right. Howling with the wolves, joining the almost unanimous media chorus, much of it dishonest, bent on discrediting President Trump before he even has a chance to get his program underway—takes no courage whatsoever. President McGuire exposed herself to no danger. Quite the contrary, she earned the esteem of the vast majority of the people who count in the academic and political worlds. It’s the people who associate themselves with President Trump, like Kellyanne Conway, who are exhibiting courage, risking their entire political future.
    And finally, when it comes to showing courage, will you, the President’s Blog, have the courage to publish my very critical and forthright letter?
    Piroska Molnár Haywood, B. A. 1960

  13. Beth Wengler says:

    Dear President McGuire,
    Thank you for your defense of Trinity’s mission and values and indeed the values of all universities. To those who claim that this is a political stand, please read more carefully.
    Without honesty, there is no truth or knowledge. Trinity’s honor code recognizes that for the sake of the truth and knowledge, one’s own actions must be honest and that requires refusing to tolerate dishonesty on the part of anyone else in the community. When our nation’s leaders and their advisors show disregard, even contempt, for facts, actively choose to spread lies, promote ignorance, and govern by appealing to groundless fear instead of fact, every university president in the nation should protest for this will never result in knowledge or real solutions to problems. That so few academic leaders are willing to speak out to demand honesty from our national leaders demonstrates that we live in strange times indeed. I am proud of my Trinity education (’87) and grateful to President McGuire for having the courage to make this public statement in defense of honesty, integrity, and knowledge.

  14. Felice C says:

    Thank you so much, President McGuire, for your courage in ‘telling it as it is’. As most have already articulated here, it’s a breath of fresh air to see Truth stand up to Power. We applaud you.

    I don’t understand those who denigrated you for speaking the obvious truth that they don’t seem to see.

    I’ve taken it for granted in the past that ‘social justice’ (love and care for those who are oppressed and marginalized) as something that most people would understand and care about, especially for the self-proclaimed Christians, in remembrance of the Beatitudes.

    The ‘culture warriors’, if indeed, they care about the dignity of human life, why should they inordinately concentrate their attention on the unborn only? I wonder, shouldn’t they include all human beings who are already living in this world? An “authentic care for life” should apply to all humans regardless of race, color, origin, religion, and status in society. If the lives of the unborn children are important, so should those who are already born – whether they are young or old. As we know, many people through no fault of their own, are living in poverty, hunger, homelessness; who are victims of wars, calamities (natural and man-made), diseases, injustice, and many evils in this world. Their lives are bad enough as they are. But to be object of discrimination makes it far worse. Love should reign, not hatred.

    We should have more intrepid leaders like you with a backbone, ready to speak up in defense of truth, justice and fairness.

  15. Emily M. Herbst, 76 says:

    I have noted many negative comments about President McGuire’s blog. Most used an alias, perhaps out of necessity. As an alumna who values her Trinity education, I have found that although Ms. Conway has certainly achieved a success which is notable, the manner in which she has conducted herself prior to and subsequent to the election is NOT a reflection of the values instilled in Trinity graduates. We hold the Honor Pledge as a guiding principal to our lives; while Trinity students and Trinity alumnae/ni. Ms. Conway HAS NOT lived up to the principals of that Honor Code. Her actions have been an affront to alumnae/ni who take that Honor Code seriously. This is not a condemnation of her political beliefs, but it is a condemnation of her dishonest statements.

  16. Mother in Pennsylvania says:

    In response to “Political Thinker in Oregon”

    The correct adage is “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. And twisting the truth to suit your personal opinion makes the truth a lie.

    Attacking people because they tell the truth, labeling people because they tell the truth, does not make Trump, KAC, or you right.

    If you had had facts to back up your attack of Pres McGuire, you might convince some people. However, all you did was attack a woman who spoke calmly of the need for truth and justice.

    Truth is truth, and the truth will out. Give Pres McGuire the kudos she deserves for speaking out when so many too are frightened to speak out.

  17. Scott Gilbert says:

    At various times, President Obama also implemented various travel bans, including bans from Iraq and Syria. These bans were also TEMPORARY, just like Trump’s ban. Why, what a short selective memory we have, don’t we?

  18. Hector Enamorado says:

    “The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is good people to do nothing). Sir Edmund Burke. Trump started with the Press, then immigrants, then Muslims, then Australia and Mexico, who’s next? Either we speak out now or we all be, sooner than later, victims of a deranged “leader” guided by a brain consumed by mediocracy, ignorance, stupidity and arrogance and alienated from reality and the truth. History is an excellent teacher and we know about more than one tyrant that started with a segment of his society then gradually extended his circle, unfortunately people were too scare or too coward to raise their voices and at the end they all were victims of these tyrants. Too many people are silently watching and prefer to be neutral guided by convenience or perhaps because they secretly support his abhorrent belief in White Supremacy. Rome fell because its leadership was rotten at the core among other things. Its leaders had lost their moral compass. Congress is full of them. Their silent support for a president that is unfit to serve is telling. Their excuses to justify his aberrations are laughable and they’re as guilty as he is, or more. Posterity will be a hard judge for these sorry excuse for “leaders”. In the scale of human decency Congress does not register. As far as I’m concerned on this planet there is only one race: The Human Race. Thank you Mrs. McGuire for your courage and for speaking out against and administration that has departed from the values, principles, and respect for the truth that has served so well this country.

  19. cat wethington says:

    thank you thank you thank you. nothing destroys the fabric of a society like lies

  20. William Harrison says:

    So this is what passes for “courage” these days: joining the media chorus to excoriate an alumna who’s shown remarkable grace, skill & poise in the face of tremendous adversity. Might be helpful to actually identify the dangerous “lies” that Ms. McGuire accuses Kellyanne Conway of spreading; “alternative facts” does not describe lies in her usage (no matter what the media might breathlessly suggest), nor does Ms Conway’s mistake of referring to a terrorist plot averted in Bowling Green as a “massacre” (for which she corrected the record and apologized). Ms McGuire should be ashamed of taking an intellectually dishonest and profoundly self-congratulatory swipe at an exceptional woman who deserves much better from her alma mater.

  21. Aaron Brown says:

    Hi Patricia,

    I am Australian, I have lived in the US and my son was born in the US. In recent times, I have found myself often defending the US, and American’s to my friends and family in Australia and the UK who only get to see the ugly side of the US on the news – like Trump, Kellyanne, Fox and Friends, etc.

    It’s great to be able to point them to this article so they can see not all American’s hold those views that the current Administration does. Well done. I hope, for all our sakes, that America can survive and learn from this disgusting, ignorant and fear based politics currently sweeping your country, and that we will all be stronger for it.

    I wish you all the best, and good luck.


  22. Lyn Swierski '81 says:

    Dear President Maguire,
    One can only imagine how much you weighed the decision to go through with this letter , knowing the reaction it would cause… It was brave move and I applaud you roundly! I didn’t know that Ms. Conway was a Trinity alum until the day after the election, and my devastation about the result was compounded by this news. Your article is excellent and right on point. It was perfect to bring up Trinity’s Honor Code when writing about an administration that lives and breathes “alternative facts” (thank you, Ms. Conway). For the first time since November, I feel proud of Trinity once more. Thank you so much for going out on a limb more bravely than our elected officials are willing to do… Three cheers!
    (ps. I wish there was a share button to be able to post this directly on FB and the like.)

  23. Tom Millhiser (son of Eleanor "Sis" Millhiser '41) says:

    In response to Anne who posted at 12:37 pm on February 20, I am not “oblivious of the fact that students generally return end- January which is AFTER the inauguration,” if Anne is referring to a bygone era. According to Trinity’s website, new students’ orientation started on January 10 with “Day, Term 1 and Weekly Classes” beginning on January 17. The inauguration was on January 20.

  24. Maureen Joyce says:

    Dear President McGuire,
    From an Emmanuel College Alumna to an Honorary Emmanuel College Alumna, thank you for your courage for standing up for truth, justice and the values that the SNDs taught us. This is what Catholic social teaching is all about. I am so proud to call Trinity College my sister school. Your thoughtful comments give me hope and inspire me to continue to speak out against injustice and inequality. Thank you for your deep commitment to social justice issues.

    Maureen Joyce
    Emmanuel ’81

  25. Barbara Kennelly says:

    I saw the article yesterday and support Pres. McGuire’s position. This past election, I was terribly disappointed at how few elected officials were willing to speak out publicly about Mr. Trump’s lack of qualifications to be President of the United States. Now that he is, I firmly believe those of us who believe in our democratic system of government and who are not elected, will have to become the truthtellers.
    Pat is amazingly popular in Washington and around the country for heading up a university that gives minority women a chance at an excellent education. I can honestly say I don’t know many who work harder and have greater success.

  26. Cat Hartt says:

    Thank you for your courageous letter. Indeed, the honor code of your university was a code upon which I thought my entire country was based. I think you hit the nail on the head. Even if I disagreed with a president’s ideals, I have always felt that each president I have had in my lifetime had honor (maybe Nixon slid a bit…lol). But I am fearful that Trump is not doing his job with honor…in fact, he is doing the exact opposite.
    Again…thank you so much for your brave and “honorable” letter. It gives me hope that there are people like you out there too.

  27. Theresa Fabian Brunner '91 says:

    Ms. McGuire,
    It seems you are as guilty of playing fast and loose with the facts as you accuse Ms. Conway of being. Your “war on immigrants” is actually the enforcement of existing immigration law, including deportation of undocumented immigrants guilty of criminal offenses. Your “Muslim ban” is simply a temporary stoppage of refugees (of all faiths and ethnicity) from nations previously designated as hotspots until vetting procedures can be standardized/strengthened. And your mention of Christmas travel issues experienced by students has nothing to do with the new administration, which took office after the Christmas holiday.

    It’s quite telling that you publicly excoriate Kellyanne over the truth, yet you never did so over the many untruths and manipulations of Nancy Pelosi–“We have to pass the bill to see what’s in it;” “I was never informed about enhanced interrogation;” “In our sanctuary cities, our people are not disobeying the law.” And you held her up as a model alumna in spite of her passionate support of abortion, in a complete mockery of the Catholic tradition of Trinity.

    Your very public denunciation of Kellyanne, a woman of tremendous intelligence, integrity, and strength, is disgraceful and sends a clear message to conservative or even right-of-center alumnae. You cannot tolerate intellectual diversity, a very shameful thing for a liberal arts institution, and you will turn your back on any who disagree with your politics–all while accepting their checks. Sadly, I fear your big publicity stunt will have worked as desired, and the donations from liberal benefactors will pour in.

  28. Anne says:

    Amused at the very first commenter’s argument – “If your students are telling the truth, they must blame being inconvenienced during their Christmas travels on President Obama, not President Trump. Trump’s inauguration and travel ban did not occur until well after the end of the Christmas holidays.” Perhaps he is oblivious of the fact that students generally return end- January which is AFTER the inauguration. So the Christmas holidays represent the entire break.

    A few others seem to tout KC as a “good Catholic woman” – whatever that means. Perhaps their definition is single-dimensional towards pro-life/choice. Trinity did not seem to question her Catholicism but simply ethical values. Fear mongering via Bowling Green Massacre is a verified lie and not simply an alternative fact. As for reaching any heights, it would be commendable if it was done ethically and not by attempting to bully and con the masses. She cannot even claim that she actually believes in her current man considering she questioned the exact same things that the masses do while she was representing his opponent. So, at the very least she is an opportunist to whom it is more important to climb the ladder however it may be rather than doing so without selling her soul.

  29. Gary Merrill says:

    So sad when bias of politics leads you, president of a university, to degrade one of your former students and not celebrate her success of being the first female campaign manager to win a presidential election. Your actions show the alarming indoctrination of our nations school systems that has been take over by the liberal left.

  30. Mickey Edwards says:

    Dear President Pat,

    I am glad the story in the paper led me to read your full post! The risk you’ve taken in speaking truth to power is in the best tradition of the Gospel. I’ve been a big fan of yours for decades but never prouder than I am today to share the status of Georgetown Law alumna with you! Stay strong! You are in my heart and prayers!
    Mickey Matesich Edwards
    GULC ’72

  31. Tom Hardy says:

    Thanks, President McGuire! Your courage in the face of this lying bully gives us all hope. Your critical judgment has given some relief from her obnoxious diatribes defending The Blowhard-in-Chief and his bizarre “plans” to pit Americans against each other as well as to pit the American Republic against the European Nations, the Muslim World and the Press. Trump is an equal opportunity hater. Yet Conway the Catholic-educated “counselor” adores, defends and supports his hateful rhetoric and actions. Why? What’s in it for her? Has she not reflected on the three temptations of Christ in the desert? It’s in the Gospel of Matthew to be read on the upcoming First Sunday of Lent (March 5). Satan tempts with dizzy offers of power, wealth and vain-glorious aggrandizement. KC might consult her conscience and then try some outreach at Trinity to the latest student-immigrants of today’s America and view them in light of our Savior’s message of compassion for the least among us. How refreshing it would be to have KC functioning in the spirit of Dorothy Day and Mother Theresa and Marlo Thomas! America is watching and listening and praying. “Forgive us our trespasses as we . . . .”

  32. amazed says:

    I am amazed to read some of the responses to a well-written letter of why someone should be honored. If spewing alternative facts and not understanding YOUR Constitution makes you want to honor a person who works for the President of your United States, then you need to go back to school as he does, so that you can relearn what the Constitution says. The truth will always prevail. Kellyanne does not deserve to be honored for being a liar, no matter what she may have done up to that point, she is still a liar. Good job Trinity, you don’t honor people who give out alternative facts.

  33. Theron P. Snell, Ph.D retired says:

    Thank you for your post.

    As a WWII era historian, I have become increasingly alarmed at the parallels with the late 1920’s and early 1930’s, not just in Germany but also worldwide and in the USA.

    To further your points, I suggest people read Nicholas Stargardt’s THE GERMAN WAR and Richard Evans’ THE COMING OF THE THIRD REICH. And before we get too comfortable as you suggest we are, recall Westbrook Pegler and Fr. Coughlin.

    Donald Trump continues to present alternative facts and Stephen Miller and Kellyanne Conway continue to twist all answers into rabid attacks on “the other.” I am glad you are willing to shine the spotlight of reality on their darkness.

  34. Cynthia Russell, Class of 1981 says:

    Madam President:

    Please accept my sincere gratitude for your thoughtful statement on the current administration and the role of Trinity alumna Kellyanne Conway. Ms. Conway’s rhetoric has troubled me since she first rose to prominence during the campaign, and her apologist position as a spokesperson for the President has been been built on lies, condescension and arrogance equal to, if not greater than, that of the President himself. Her own reaction to the publicity surrounding your statement reinforces these traits, as she implied that she somehow purchased the right not to be criticized with a contribution to Trinity years ago.

    I admire your courage and your eloquence in reiterating the importance of truth and the danger of lies, and for calling upon Ms. Conway and all daughters of Trinity to reflect upon these topics. I hope that you can demonstrate that courage once more and remove Ms. Conway’s photograph from the page of Trinity leaders on the institution’s website.

    I request this not to censor Ms. Conway, or to hide the fact that she is a Trinity alumna. In fact, I feel sorry for Ms. Conway that the values that I know Trinity has always sought to pass along to its graduates did not seem to help form a moral core that more closely resembles that which I admire in so many of my classmates and other alumni I know. I simply do not believe she should be held up as a leader reflective of Trinity’s values or as a model to be emulated by current and future students.

    Respectfully submitted,

    Cynthia Russell, Class of 1981

  35. Tom Millhiser (son of Eleanor "Sis" Millhiser '41) says:

    I am afraid that you and, possibly some of your students, manipulate the facts much the same way that you accused Kellyanne of doing. In your blog you stated: “In a recent conversation with some Trinity students, I was horrified and saddened to learn that some of our students who have DACA status have been hassled, frisked and interrogated at airports for domestic travel during the Christmas holidays ….” If your students are telling the truth, they must blame being inconvenienced during their Christmas travels on President Obama, not President Trump. Trump’s inauguration and travel ban did not occur until well after the end of the Christmas holidays.

  36. Barry Moyer says:

    Regarding your blog of February 12,2017 “On lies and truth”. So well put. Amen Ms. McGuire. AMEN.

  37. Maggie Reid Raffa, '60 says:

    Dear Pat,
    I was so thrilled to read your remarks about truth and the misrepresentation of it by one of our graduates. Your words express what I feel.
    Maggie Reid Raffa, ’60

  38. Deeply grateful to witness your courage, your unique womanly and passionate voice in the fight for truth and justice. And valued being soothed by your principled clarity. Thank you.

  39. Michele Fleury says:

    Dear Pat,

    Thank you for your truthful post. Truth, love and light will prevail if each person finds her voice. We must fight for our precious democratic values. Resist hateful policies, Join your local resistance movement. Its up to each of us.

    From a new activist.

  40. Susan Saltzman says:

    Thank you for your thoughtful letter. You show such compassion and understanding of American values. It gives us hope that many good people are standing up for what is right. Many thanks.

  41. Frank M. Baglione, Ph.D., J.D. says:

    Rather than defame your alumna, you should be proud of Ms. Conway, the first woman to run a successful national campaign and a top adviser to the president of the United States.
    Ms. Conway is intelligent and articulate, successful in her career, and a good family woman living a good Catholic life. Your remarks on her were cruel, inane, and deliberately misleading (e.g., there is no “war on immigrants,” only an effort to enforce our immigration laws, which every president has done.)
    Ms. Conway is a good woman. You should be ashamed of your attack on her.

  42. RA says:

    Thank you. Your words made me feel emotional because I have felt so frustrated with the hypocrisy and hatred of the Trump Administration. We need more voices like yours to speak the truth and uphold our values even when it takes us out of our comfort zone. I am also an educator and strive to remain neutral and unbiased BUT we have a moral obligation to speak out when our most precious values are being denigrated–thank our constitution for the 1st amendment but lies will always be affront to it. Untruths to support biased, racist, elitist and mean spirited policies are un-American. Thank you for clear and comprehensive message that gave me renewed hope and energy to speak out.

  43. barbara henderson says:

    dear president, dean, professor McGuire. you’re the bomb. i wish more of your colleagues and peers had your moral courage. thank you. you give me hope.

  44. David Ritchkoff says:

    I am not a Trinity grad..but I am proud to stand beside you in your response to a liar.

  45. Abebe Gellaw says:

    Wow! Proud to read this piece.
    I am refugee, an exiled journalist from Ethiopia. After I read about your comment on the Washington Post, I searched for it and landed on this page.
    I applaud your stand and eloquent defense of the core American value that team Trump has shamelessly betrayed. No amount of lies and manipulation can change the fact that America is a land of immigrants. Mr. Trump is also a son of a Scottish immigrant, Mary Anne MacLeod Trump. How can he forget her beautiful story that is shared by most immigrants who come here with a dream?
    Truth has always advocates like President McGuire. Thank you!
    Thank you!

  46. Mary Rose says:

    TY for addressing this very critical issue of KellyAnne Conway and her advocating for Lies to the American public.It’s no reflection on your esteemed school it’s just too bad she decided to join forces with evil and every day elect to make up news, distort facts or Lie. Another person a coworker of KAC at the WH also from an esteemed institution of higher learning was denounced formally by Duke U for his racism and Lies on national stage.You have a great and long history of excellence in higher education and so many first rate &inspiring graduates that young girls can look up to as positive role models just not KellyAnne Conway.

  47. Hannah Tyson says:

    An alumna of CUA’s graduate school, I have been impressed with Trinity from very long ago. I am certainly glad to read that the college is holding firm to truth and justice values, with the President’s address of an alumna’s public and recurrent lies. Kudos to you, President MeGuire! We all need to stand up, whatever our roles.

  48. Political Thinker in Oregon says:

    The wise adage “truth is in the eye of the beholder” comes to mind. It is obvious to many that you view the world through liberal glasses. Your choice of words and accusations regarding President Trump and Kellyanne Conway speak volumes. I interpret them for what they are: partisan. You point fingers at President Trump and Kelleyanne Conway, admonishing both for their what you see as “lies” and yet the same could be said about your world view.

    “The climate for all immigrants has become treacherous”. Really?? Really!! In my world view nurtured from a very young age by Dominican Nuns, the only immigrants who harbor fear are those who are breaking the law and those who’ve been whipped into panic by the hyperbole of rabid liberals. Thank God we have a great law in our county called the Constitution of the United states of which President Trump has not violated no matter the recent ruling by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals [with the majority of judges appointed by Democrat presidents and with a 79% Supreme Court reversal rate] you refer to in your recent blog.

    You state “The Honor Code (of Trinity) says we must not look away from lies, that we must confront them and tell the truth as a matter of justice for the community.” Funny who’ve never taken another of your alma mater graduates to task on this front: Nancy Polosi.

    As a Washington State University graduate ’74 College of Agriculture with a bachelor of science degree in Forest Management AND a lifelong Roman Catholic I respect your right to your opinions – I honor the courage and truth that Kellyanne exhibits each and every day. After all, I’ve never seen Nancy Polosi as a key note speaker at an Annual National Right to Life March. Maybe we need a bit less social justice & more Jn 13:34-35.

  49. Marchand Hall Finnegan says:

    As a member of the TC Class of 1953, I could not be more proud of President McGuire for taking a principled stand of behalf of the ideals of public service and social justice that were instilled in us at TC, along with the Honor Code for which the College stands ever tall. I appreciated the TC emphasis on the need for women to assume a leadership role in society for the common good and advancement of our society. In my view, Kellyanne Conway, while clearly bright and accomplished, has shown a shocking lack of integrity and truthfulness since becoming a hired hand for Donald Trump and his deplorable administration. You go, Pat! We stand with you!

  50. Nancy J. Wellmeier, SNDdeN says:

    Pat, I am so very proud of your courageous remarks on the present situation. I teach citizenship classes, and find it more and more difficult to teach the answers to the 100 questions the applicants must learn: “Who makes the laws? The Congress.” “What is the supreme law of the land? The Constitution.” “What is the ‘rule of law’? No one is above the law; leaders must obey the law.”
    Keep on speaking the truth!

  51. Robert Mosby says:

    As a Georgetown grad who, in our student days, dated a wonderful Trinity woman, I am dismayed at the fall from rational norms exhibited in this letter. Of course, I’ve been more dismayed at Georgetown’s erosion of its Catholic identity typified certainly in its covering crucifixes at the request (order?) of BHO, The One.

    In this same vein, your letter’s “cruel and unreasonable” criticism of KA Conway stands in notable contrast to cordial receptions accorded outspoken abortion advocates such as Kathleen Sebelius and Nancy Pelosi. The incommensurable oddity is striking. Its resolution would be creditable.

    Robert Mosby

  52. Marilyn Kerber, SNDdeN says:

    First, thank you for speaking out. And I would urge you not to speak of immigrants and refugees as if they are one category of people. These are two very different groups of people. Also there are legal and illegal immigrants. I do not support the actions of President Trump and we do not need any more confusion then there already is. I support the call of the Bishops of this country for a comprehensive Immigration Policy which is just.

  53. Sister Mary Corripio, Class of '88 says:

    Dear Pat,
    I join with other commenters to say how much I respect your blog posts. I am proud that you use the forum available to you to speak out on justice issues. On this one occasion, I disagree with you.
    Because I now you as a fair and generous person, I was surprised and disappointed at how harsh you were on Kellyanne. I wish, before you had written this post, you would have made an opportunity to speak to her personally. It is so easy to mistakenly judge someone we know mostly through soundbites, and media reports and appearances.
    Kellyanne Conway is a woman of integrity who is using her tremendous gifts to do what she is convinced is in the best interest of our country. It is possible to strongly disagree with her and still defend her dignity.
    Trinity can be proud to have strong, talented women across the political spectrum.

  54. Elizabeth Palmer '92 says:

    Pat, you give eloquent voice to the values of Trinity and to the concerns of so many in the alumnae family. We owe you a collective debt of graditude for your leadership in this seminal time in the history of our nation, and of our college.

    It is not enough for Trinity women to merely express solidarity or graditude, however. We are reminded by your example of the responsibility each of us bears to speak truth and honor integrity with a clear voice.

    Leadership is not a social club, its a responsibility that we as the beneficiaries of a Trinity education have, regardless of political ideologies, personal affiliations or social inconveniences.

    We owe it to the women in whose footsteps we have walked, and to the women who will follow in our footsteps, to give voice and service to the core values that define us as Trinity women.

    History will remember Trinity’s influence on the world not only in the professional achievements of her graduates, but in the character of her alumnae as a community. Let history also remember us as a community unafraid to hold each other accountable.

    Let eveyone know in no uncertain terms that there is no dispensation for financial supporters, famous people, high achievers, polished speakers or masters of contrived indignation: Trinity does not condone lying. Especially lying in order to hurt people for personal gain. No matter what decade you walked the marble corridor, we all signed the same honor code.

    There is no alternative honor code, and there is no honor in offering quarter to liars.

    Prior to her recent deviation from integrity, Kellyanne was previously honored by the Trinity community in alumnae magazine articles, and she even represented her class in Trinity’s Centennial Commencement.

    She is mistaken, however if she thinks that Trinity honors its alumnae achievements for mere celebrity value. It is the superficial whine of a woman spinning too hard on keeping her own values from showing that she is denied equal time or gentler reprimand because she a victim rather than a minister of propaganda.

    Its the value of the achievement that makes you a celebrity at Trinity.

    When Kellyanne has reaffirmed her understanding and commitment to what honor means, the Trinity community may choose to honor her again in the future. I will be proud to do so alongside other alumnae if that happens.

    For now, we must see to the unpleasant, inconvenient, socially and politically awkward, inescapable responsibility of walking the Trinity talk and taking one of our own to task for transgressions too glaring to be overlooked, and too bold to be dismissed as inadvertent.

    Thank you for leading by example Pat, and let none of be decieved that silence is somehow “staying out of it.” Trinity women don’t get to stay out of stuff. That’s part of the grand bargain we signed on for when we joined the club.

  55. M. Neil says:

    Thank you, Pres. McGuire, for taking your vocal position on Kellyanne Conway. You make me proud to be a Trinity alumna. Those who criticize you seem to have forgotten the values of truth, honesty and respect, as Ms Conway has done. At Trinity I was taught to debate politics with respect for my opponents’ right to express their beliefs. There were no alternative facts or lies, just respectful disagreement. Conway deludes herself if she thinks the hoopla is about her party affiliation. It is in fact about her lack of values. Trinity College empowered me to stand up for myself, take a lead and believe in the power of education, all while embracing the values that I was raised with and that Trinity stands for. I feel sorry for Conway, that she feels the need to demean, ridicule and obfuscate. It is incumbent upon our alumnae to stand up for those values, regardless of political affiliation.

  56. Judith Light-Baker says:

    Thank you, President McGuire, for your good words about truth and justice. I have one particularly precious memory from my years at Trinity (weekend college, 1990-95), and that is the Honor Code. I’m glad to know that it’s still valued and observed! Ms. Conway, in a New York Daily News article, complained that you didn’t mind taking her donations. It’s also good to know that she wasn’t able to purchase your silence. During these turbulent days when so many good things seem to be unraveling, I’m comforted that some are still strong and stable. Thank you, yet again!

  57. Gloria Guard says:

    I too congratulate Pat for her backbone, her spiritual core, and of course, her speaking truth to power. Like others, Trinity has no reason to honor her, in any way. Like the President, she is a liar, fabricator, and self-centered. The entire Bowling Green statement really worried me, since Bowling Green is in my home state.

    But the biggest question for me is this–Trump received the backing of so many right wing CHRISTIAN groups. How did they believe for a moment that he was/is following in Christ’s footprints?

  58. Ian hart says:

    Stopped reading after you talked about our “democracy”. If you are going to indoctrinate our kids then at least give them the proper form of government that we have.
    Conway is a national treasure who actually broke a glass ceiling, unlike the democrat criminal you supported.

  59. Carrie K. Hutchens says:

    As a Catholic, I find this quite offensive & slanted. It is political. Do politics really belong in a school setting? I don’t think so. I also don’t care if you disagree with me. However, you might want to remember that God sees all… remembers all… and will be judging you one day.

  60. Thank you Patricia A. McGuire for your clear and conscientious comments about the fear that has been stirred in the last couple of months. I will be emailing you directly, but wanted to post an alert that has me shaken to the core, and it takes a lot for me to be shaken to the core! I have a college age Chinese adopted daughter and until the last 2 months have been confident that she can travel where she wants and not have concerns with her U.S. citizenship. But I am not that certain now. These are a group of young women and men who could face some challenging times ahead, as we all are.
    Jeanine Perry
    Sacramento, California

  61. Roland von Freiser says:

    The utter hypocrisy of your recent comments concerning one of YOUR own is the very reason I have turned from the Catholic faith. There is absolutely no one as blind as one who refuses to see……the truth. Apply the truth to everything and everyone..not just a blind faith to your political party. You are disgusting.

  62. Dave Bowerman says:

    Punitive to one of your own who is serving her country and myopically partisan in your views…

  63. Robert Hall says:

    Inspiring. You’ve got me. Bookmarked!!

    Thank you. Future writing on how republicans maintain their “moral superiority” and the Christian vote?

  64. Christina says:

    Thank you for speaking the TRUTH. It’s shameful how Ms. Conway has wielded her apparently very sharp communication and debate skills for the rise of evil in the world. Perhaps going forward our education system can infuse more of a sense of humanity and responsibility into how we mould our children.

  65. Thank you for standing up for truth. We must resist these lies coming from the current president’s administration, or for anyone else.

  66. Patricia Cawunder says:

    Thank you, President Pat. I am heartened by your comments. Pat cawunder blue class ’65

  67. Mark J Bennett says:

    Thank you President McGuire! You have reminded me why institutions of higher education are so vitally important to both democracy and – without exaggeration – to civilization. And, you have given me hope that there are still many good Americans in positions of power who will soon realize they can no longer remain complicit with what is happening to our country in their silence.
    Mark J. Bennett, Ph.D.
    University of Pennsylvania, Class of 1982
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1990

  68. Jacqueline Sullivan says:

    Thank God…the voice of reason! Brave and such an affirmation for your students who are learning to discover truth using logic and civilized discourse…

  69. Maryan Herr, '57 says:

    Thank you so much, Pat, for standing up to Kellyanne’s “alternative facts” which were never ever on Trinity’s agenda. Living now in Zurich, Switzerland as an American and alumna perplexed by her media behaviour, your good words were affirming, encouraging and very well said.
    Look forward to our 60th in June.

  70. Pattygale says:

    Thank you for this thoughtful, blunt letter describing the situation in which we find ourselves. The President’s spokespeople seem to have no heart, no soul, and no qualms about lying any time it suits them. Unfortunately, the more naive and uneducated among us lap it up.

  71. Joseph A Phebus says:

    Thank you! This is the Church I know and love. The Jesuits and Sisters of Mercy of Loyola College in Maryland instilled these values in me back in the 1980s. I received a great education, but I’ve always thought more than anything, these values and a deep commitment to social justice are what I treasure the most from my time there. “Strong truths, well lived.”

    Thank you for speaking out and speaking truth to power. While it would be easy to sit silent in the face of the truly awful things going on in this country, particularly when it involves a prominent alumna, you have given voice to the oppressed and the victims being demonized in this era of fear.

    We are living in a culture of lies and half-truths. Now more than ever, its important for institutions and individuals to speak up and call a lie a lie. We are largely where we are today because of ignorance and the repetition of lies. We need more voices like yours to counter this and lead us back to being a nation of well-informed citizens collectively working together for the greater good.

  72. Joseph W. Mantheiy says:

    Ms. Conway has talked of $50,000 she and her husband donated some years ago. Might I suggest you round up that amount and return it to her? It would be a powerful message. Thank you so much for making this wonderful statement.

  73. Kathleen Boucher says:

    Well done. Thank you for your courage and wisdom.

  74. Becky Timmons says:

    Having the courage of one’s convictions has nearly become a lost art among those in leadership positions. Leave the deflection, waffling, parsing, and obfuscation to others. That has never been your style! I applaud you for taking a stand against the cavalier disregard for the truth and the tilt toward moral relativism.

    You rock!!

  75. May McGee says:

    Thank you, Patricia McGuire, for exhibiting courage, leadership and moral fibre when so many others in higher education executive positions have not done so. Your work as Trinity’s President over the past twenty years has made me proud to be an alumna (Class of 1967) and your stand on the current White House Administration’s behaviour particularly so. I will be donating to Trinity this year, partly because it is my 50th reunion year, but mostly because its student population represents women who are more vulnerable than ever during a Trump administration.

  76. Katherine L says:

    President McGuire,
    I did not attend Trinity but I want to thank you for having the conviction and courage to defend the value of truth, virtue and dignity in our public discourse. Like so many others, I am overwhelmed by the unbridled and shameless dishonesty of our current President and his representatives. The voice of the Democrats will not be enough – the voices of the Republican party, and those affiliated with people in the administration who will put country before power and profit are crucial. Silence is consent. I only hope UPenn’s President Gutmann will be as brave. You have my deepest thanks and respect.

  77. Jennifer Maguire says:

    you are my new she-ro! thank you for this important piece.

  78. Peter D'Ambrosio says:

    Thanks for speaking truth to power. This task remains critical as Ms. Conway&Co. continue to challenge us with their alternative facts.

  79. Leke (former teacher) says:

    “When evil doings come like falling rain” we must come out with the umbrellas of truth to make a stand. Pat, I hear your clarion call to confront the evil doers. With God and Pat I stand.

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  81. Harrison Tao says:

    I read the story in the Washington Post about your denunciation of Kellyanne Conway’s role in trashing Truth.

    Unlike the alma mater I share with Trump, you have the courage to take a stand publicly when an alumna does not represent the values they should have learned as a student.

    While we probably differ on other issues – I am pro-choice and a former member of the Board of a Planned Parenthood Affiliate – I applaud your action and have made a small contribution in a show of support. I have also shared this story and urged others to support Trinity Washington.


    Harrison Tao, Penn ’74

  82. mary russell says:

    Your forthright comments given the position that you hold gave me hope that a moral authority still holds among the educational leadership of this republic.

  83. Tammy Vitale says:

    Interesting that the only negative comment hides behind an assumed name. I want to add my own congratulations for taking on Conway (especially since I was highly vocal about the survey and ready to divorce Trinity as an alumna). You are right: we MUST speak truth to power. Reading the WaPo article brought tears of pride and joy to my eyes re my status as a Trinity graduate (1989 – go Blue). As a graduate of the first large batch of Weekend College students (one woman graduated the year before us), I know first hand Trinity’s commitment to helping women help themselves. Respect!

  84. Anne Higginbotham Nardi '64 says:


    I was heartened to read your comments. Thank you for expressing Trinity’s values so eloquently. My Trinity education has been influential in grounding my life. The community of women who continue to sustain me has been an ongoing support.

  85. Anne Higginbotham Nardi '64 says:


    I am heartened by your thoughtful comments about the bending of truth in the current administration and the role of values we hold dear. Like many others who have written in response, I have benefited greatly from the Trinity education I received. The community of women who anchored me then and who sustain me now represents a strong core in my life.

    Thank you for your eloquent words!

  86. Kerry McBride says:

    Thank you for standing for truth. It is always the comeback from those in this government administration who peddle lies to the public that they are so unfairly vilified for their opinions, when, in fact, as abhorrent as some of those opinions are to others, it is the constant lying and smugness about the ability to lie, and having the power of being in a position to flood the media with those lies that is unacceptable. Kellyann Conway and all those who mislead the public with lies and gross distortions of truth must bear the responsibility of causing possibly irreparable damage to people, and of inciting fear, uncertainty and hate by continually trying to shame and blame anyone who tries to hold her accountable for her outrageous lies.

  87. Bob C says:

    As someone who has devoted his entire adult life to higher education, I am very heartened by this college president’s clear and articulate vision of genuine honor. I applaud her bravery; I wholeheartedly agree with her positions. It is my fervent hope that more and more women and men in positions like hers begin to speak as plainly and as passionately as she does about the very real threat to our nation, even when one of the foot soldiers of this corrupt administration is an alumnus of her own institution. And so I say, as both a Catholic and a veteran, I am very proud to hear President McGuire’s reasoned and moral voice. Blessings, Bob C.

  88. Dale says:

    As an atheist and a Canadian, I find your words refreshing and inspiring. Thank you for bring some dearly needed hope to my evening. The world seems devoid of it lately.

  89. Pam Day '81 says:

    right on, Pat!

  90. Lynn M Clark '75 says:

    Today the issue is immigrants; tomorrow it will be Russia. Then next week it will be health care, education, wages, etc. Please keep speaking out on the issues and people involved. And thank you for the education Trinity continues to give to strong young women.

  91. Kathleen Shorter says:

    Very grateful for your words, Pat. You have elevated women’s education with this and other statements over the years. Proud that The Washington School for Girls has been a partner with Trinity over the years.

  92. Rev. Susan A. Blain, '75 says:

    Thanks, Pat, for your clarity and eloquence. You give voice to the Trinity I know, respect and love.

  93. Julie Hunter Galdo '69 says:

    Pat, I want you to know how much your blogs have meant to me these last several weeks. Your words remind me what I love most about Trinity — the values the SNDs placed at the heart of our education. Social justice, persistence in the face of adversity, respect for all people, seeking to live meaning-filled lives that contribute to a better world, this is what Trinity represents to me. In these very challenging times there is much to discuss on so many issues, and your writings often raise my spirits by reminding me what is important at the core.
    About the best thing Trinity did for me was to fill my life with wonderful women. Not only the friends who have enriched my life for over 50 years, but also today’s students, and alumnae of all ages and backgrounds from throughout this nation and beyond. We are bound together by these Trinity values no matter what era we walked the Marble Corridor.
    I love our wonderful diversity of age and generation, geography, race and ethnicity, political viewpoints, economic backgrounds, and today even faith traditions. We have a wide and wonderful tent. I think that as we move forward to strengthen our nation and hopefully heal fissures, that we, alumnae and the broad Trinity community, can have important dialogue always grounded in those values. If we can’t, who can?
    Thanks for all you do, Pat. I’m so proud of Trinity.

  94. Moira Heffron, '68 says:

    I frequently refer to your blog and share your statements with friends to hearten them in these unhappy times. I do take pride in my Trinity education and in the ideals on display in your statements. Thank you.

  95. Maura Cleary Dunnigan says:

    Thank you so much for your tireless advocacy for women, justice, integrity, and truth. I work at a local community college and pass along your wise words as an example of leadership. I also suggest my students check out my beloved Alma Mater as an outstanding transfer option. Thanks for making us all proud!

  96. Luanne Ricoz i Stevenson says:

    Thank you Pat for eloquently putting my thoughts and concerns about this administration into words. Proud to be a Trinity woman, and will continue to speak out against those who bend the truth for personal gain.

  97. Maureen Patrick says:

    Thank you, Pat, for your thoughtful, powerful words. I agree — telling the truth is necessary for a just society–be it one’s family, one’s alma mater, or one’s nation. Your faithful commitment to, and leadership of, Trinity through turbulent times continues to hearten this tired alum.

    It’s hard to know where to put one’s energies when so much is wrong with our world. Your resilience and commitment (and that of so many other Trinity women) inspire me. May we all find and use our voices as you have done — and continue to do. –Maureen Patrick ’66

  98. Marianne Novy says:

    This is a great statement about the current administration’s war on immigrants, the separation of powers in our democracy, and the truth. Thank you, Pat!

  99. Johanna Farrell says:

    Thank you for keeping the values and ideals of Trinity alive. Living the radical demands of the Gospel is not easy, but it is what we are called to do. I am proud of how my alma mater continues to help each student strive toward putting those ideals into action.
    Hanna Behrens Farrell
    Gold Class 1991

  100. Concerned Reader says:

    So we demand the truth,
    Where was the outrage when the previous administration voiced in public forums:
    1. If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor
    2. The Affordable Care act will save the average household $2500.00 per year
    3. Benghazi was the result of a video.
    Again, I ask, where was the outrage and demand for the truth??

    In regards to the immigration situation, is not the current administration simply enforcing immigration laws that have been codified and used by previous administrations?
    We cannot simply ignore laws that we find distasteful or those that collide with our personal views. Without the government enforcing laws we slip into anarchy.
    Yes this country is headed on a collision course between those who want to live by a democratic process and those who want to cause fear an intimidation based upon their skewed personal values and interests.

  101. Joan Waks says:

    Well said, Pat. You make me so proud to be a Trinity Woman!

  102. Susan Scully Troy says:

    Dear Pat,
    I am so proud of Trinity’s powerful response to the alarming and threatening developments in our country since the election of President Trump. You clearly represent my feelings and I’m sure the feelings of the majority of alumni. On behalf of Trinity your stand in support of immigrants and a just and compassionate immigration policy is powerful. I see an important role for institutions such as Trinity to speak up loudly and certainly in the face of threats to truth, to mercy and to justice in our country. It is Trinity’s duty. Trinity was founded to boldly support marginalized women in fighting for equality and justice and powerfully continues to fulfill this mission today. Educated women speak out.

    However, I am concerned about any thought to honoring Kellyanne Conway as an example of a distinguished Trinity graduate. She does not represent in her public persona any of the values I associate with Trinity, with my education there, or with the Gospels that serve as our foundation and guide; truth, mercy, justice, welcoming the stranger, compassion for the marginalized. Ms. Conway’s job seems to be to promote Mr. Trump’s alarming and extreme ego-centric agenda at any cost, the first cost being the truth. Ms. Conway appears to relish this responsibility much to my alarm. She has strangled the truth on several occasions, including the now infamous “alternative truth” and “Bowling Green massacre” comments.

    I am proud of my Trinity education. It gave me the greatest cadre of exceptional and dear friends… amazing women who all represent the foundational values of Trinity in their lives and in their careers. I am so proud to claim them as sister Trinity graduates. Kellyanne Conway does represent such values nor should be publicly held up by the institution as representative. I certainly do not claim her.

    I will continue to read with interest your very important blogs and be filled with pride at my association with Trinity. I have had a 20 year career as a Spiritual Director and have had the honor of accompanying many people on their quest to articulate and navigate a life directed by their most deeply held values. I personally know that at the core my vocation to ministry is grounded in the education I received at Trinity…in the classroom, in the chapel, in the protests at Catholic University, the White House and the Marble Corridor and in the friendships and evening-long talkathons with amazing women in Social Hall, Cuvilly and Kirby.

    Peace and blessings,

    (Dr. Susan Scully Troy, D.Min)
    Class of 69.

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