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Monthly Archives: February 2018

No Silencing the Lambs

- Stopping to pay respects to the students, teachers and families of Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School. These students have found their voices and they will not be silenced. #MSDStrong #NeverAgain
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Trinity Welcomes Courageous High School Students Who Stand Up for Justice

- Students who stand up for justice are always welcome at Trinity.
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A Tale of Two Cities

- Ethical standards should apply to both the local and federal sides of the city. The Chancellor's resignation for a clear ethical breach should be the standard for federal officials as well.
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No More “Thoughts and Prayers”

- A moral nation that is truly pro-life would have taken action on guns decades ago. But it's not too late.
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Remembering Barbara Patterson ’84 ’93

- Barbara Patterson changed countless lives for generations through her fierce advocacy for improved educational opportunities for black children through her leadership of the Black Student Fund and as a Trinity Trustee.
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