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Monthly Archives: November 2016

A Habit of Gratitude

- We have so much to give thanks for at Trinity.... we cultivate the habit of gratitude each day!
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Remembering Anne Marie McGovern ’50

- We remember Anne Marie McGovern '50 for the countless gifts she gave to Trinity alumnae across the ages. May she rest in peace.
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Voices of Trinity: Post-Election Straw Poll

- Trinity students, faculty and staff look to the future and offer ideas for messages they'd like to hear in President Trump's inauguration address.
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A New Political Reality: Message to the Trinity Community

- President McGuire's message to the Trinity community on the election results.
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November 9… and all that comes thereafter…

- We, the People, must come together after the election to demand a more functional, less fractious government.
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Straw Poll on Gender in the 2016 Election: Encouraging Results!

- Trinity Women and Men are eager for political engagement! The harshness of the current campaign does not discourage them one bit!
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