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Monthly Archives: March 2013

Easter and the Hope of Spring

- Easter symbols of hope and joy, spring is coming!
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The Easter Message: Intolerance, Betrayal, Forgiveness, Hope

- The observances of Easter and Passover this week remind us of the long human story of intolerance, betrayal, forgiveness, hope and faith.
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March Madness Anonymous

- Are you into March Madness or could you care less?
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Steubenville and Women’s History

- The Steubenville rape verdict is a stark reminder of the dark side of Women's History. The revolution is far from over...
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Pope Francis, Congratulations!

- Trinity wishes our new Pope Francis many congratulations and prayers for his success.
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Keeping Women Out of History

- A month is hardly enough. Women must find a way to write bold new chapters in human history.
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