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Monthly Archives: September 2020

Understanding Trinity’s Budget

- We'll be discussing Trinity's Fiscal 2021 budget in our Campus Conversations this week, so here's some information to help inform our community!
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God, Caesar and the 2020 Election

- Catholic teachings are deeply entwined across all parties in the current political scene.
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Campus Survey: Think Spring!

- One month check-up on our Fall semester at Trinity, and already planning Spring 2021!
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Remembering RBG

- She inspired generations of women in the law to keep making progress in eradicating barriers; we must continue her work.
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Survey Results: Students with Children and Family Responsibilities

- About 50% of Trinity students responding to our survey report that they have children, and many have other family responsibilities as well.
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Can We Stop the Unraveling of Democracy?

- If we want to make sure that the debilitating aftershocks of September 11 do not continue to undermine our Democracy, we must exercise our responsibility to vote.
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