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Campus Survey: Think Spring!

- One month check-up on our Fall semester at Trinity, and already planning Spring 2021!
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The Cruelty Is The Point

- Playing politics with the lives and academic plans of our international students is disgraceful.
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Sights, Sounds, Shout-Outs!

- Our Trinity community comes together to celebrate our strength by wearing Purple and Gold and offering praise and thanks for each other!
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Resolutions 2018

- We must be resolute in standing for justice for our students, seeking solutions and pursuing creative excellence.
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Voices of Trinity: Trinity Faculty Respond to Secretary DeVos

- Trinity faculty engage students in the robust ongoing dialogue of teaching and learning every day!
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Washington Post, Boston Globe Sales: Lessons for Higher Ed

- The sale of the Washington Post to Amazon's Jeff Bezos is a tale of the consequences of disruptive change with clear lessons for change in higher education.
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Happy Birthday, Father Hesburgh!

- 96 years young, Father Ted Hesburgh of Notre Dame inspires new generations of leaders!
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