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Straw Poll Results August 2020

- Concerns about Covid-19 and financial issues top the list of worries for students as we start the Fall 2020 semester.
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The Cruelty Is The Point

- Playing politics with the lives and academic plans of our international students is disgraceful.
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Adirondack Chronicles 2020.1: Finding Peace in Nature

- Taking the time to reflect on nature's peace and power as an antidote to human selfishness.
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Voices of Trinity: Pandemic Advice Part 2

- Students in English 107 have great advice for all of us as we cope with the coronavirus pandemic.
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Voices of Trinity: Advice and Encouragement for Making it through the Pandemic

- "We all have to live as if there is no tomorrow. So what are you waiting for?" Heartfelt wisdom from Professor Weiler's English 107 students on coping with the pandemic moment.
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Sights, Sounds, Shout-Outs!

- Our Trinity community comes together to celebrate our strength by wearing Purple and Gold and offering praise and thanks for each other!
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Q & A on Your Concerns: Online Stress, $$$, More…

- Our community survey indicated many different concerns with online stress, personal finances and health topping the list.
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Trinity and Children’s National Hospital: A Great Partnership!

- Trinity and Children's National Hospital are partners in solidarity to provide a vital service for children during the coronavirus crisis.
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Voices of Trinity: Student Survey on Coronavirus

- Trinity students raised many good issues in a survey about the coronavirus emergency.
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Apocalypse Avoidance

- Coronavirus disruption is global. Mutual support and cooperation are essential to conquer this threat.
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