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Dreaming of Justice

February 4, 2014 - Thanks to Don Graham and generous benefactors, TheDream.US scholarship program now addresses a grave injustice for students denied Pell Grants and federal loans because of their immigration status Continue reading
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Our Brothers’ and Sisters’ Keepers

February 16, 2012 - U.S. political narcissism ignores the larger moral issues affecting people around the world. Social justice demands a larger world view. Pray for the people of Honduras today. Continue reading
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First Monday in October

October 3, 2011 - The Supremes are back in session, and many consequential decisions await. Continue reading
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Lame Ducks Filibuster Justice

December 12, 2010 - Where is the common sense, ability to compromise and generosity of spirit that used to be part of national lawmaking? Congress is wreaking havoc on the rights and needs of the people they are sworn to serve. Continue reading
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Rock Stars and Activists for Justice

May 9, 2010 - pat alexia carol_edited-1 (Medium)(Sr. Carol Keehan, president of the Catholic Health Association with Alexia Kelley, director of the Office of Faith Based Initiatives at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and Yours Truly) Sister Carol Keehan…, Daughter of Charity, president Continue reading
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The Other Agenda Items

March 21, 2010 - And now, back to the rest of the agenda… I’m writing this before we know the final outcome of the House health care vote today (Sunday) but the news reports as of 4 pm indicate the bill will pass…. Continue reading
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Charting Hispanic Immigration

December 13, 2009 - In the last week, the Washington Post had a fascinating series of articles about the struggles, setbacks and triumphs of Latino and other Hispanic immigrants in the United States.   Today’s article focuses… on the ways in which programs like GEAR Continue reading
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