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#ProtectDreamers Action Week


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I am pleased to join the #DreamCoalition and many related organizations including the Emerson Collective, The Dream.US, the American Council on Education and others in the community and higher education to fight for the rights of Dreamers.   #ProtectDreamers is a project of a coalition that includes the American Council on Education working with many other higher education associations.  As part of this initiative, I have signed a letter with hundreds of other college presidents urging Congress to act immediately.  Trinity is also conducting a symposium on DACA and Dreamers on October 24 to focus on the issues.

In conjunction with the #ProtectDreamers coalition, here are some action steps that you can take to participate in the many initiatives this week:

  • Know the Facts About Dreamers and DACA:
    • Dreamers are young people who came to this country as babies and young children; they are undocumented through no fault of their own; they are American in every way except citizenship;
    • DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) is a policy created by President Obama to extend some legal status to Dreamers — work permits, a social security number, driver’s licenses; DACA recipients must pass a rigorous screening with requirements that include:  coming into the U.S. before age 16, residing her continuously since 2007, being in high school or having completed high school, or a member of the Armed Forces, and no serious criminal (felony or major misdemeanor) convictions; about 800,000 Dreamers have DACA permits;
    • 91% of DACA recipients are employed, and they pay income taxes;
    • 45% of DACA recipients are currently enrolled in school or college;
    • Polls show that a majority of American voters — 62%— say it is very important for Congress to pass a law to protect Dreamers; 86% of voters support work permits and 79% support a path to citizenship;
    • The U.S. Chamber of Commerce and more than 800 major business and industry leaders have called on Congress to act quickly on a permanent solution for Dreamers;
    • The Cato Institute estimates that ending DACA will result in a $280 Billion reduction in U.S. economic growth over the next decade, underscoring the plain fact that this remarkable population of ambitious young people are already making significant contributions to the U.S. economy as well as to their families and communities.
  • Tweet about #ProtectDreamers and the urgent need for Congress to act; post to Facebook, Instagram, and your other social media accounts;
  • Sign onto letters to members of Congress to express your concern; use this form to send the letter.

More to come!  Watch this space for more action steps and information as we work together to #ProtectDreamers — our sisters at Trinity and so many young women and men everywhere!

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