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CONSTITUTION DAY 2019: Voices of Trinity on Birthright Citizenship, Impeachment

- On Constitution Day 2019, the Trinity Community has a lot to say on contemporary Constitutional issues including birthright citizenship, impeachment and the exercise of Freedom of Speech.
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New Students Straw Poll Results: Election and Issues

- Trinity's New Students have opinions! (Yes, they are Trinity Women!) Read the results of the straw poll taken during the CAS New Student Convocation.
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Raging Against the Dying Light

- No American of conscience can stand idly by while this nation's life ebbs away at the hands of domestic terrorists.
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Evil Will Not Triumph

- The rise of white supremacy is an expression of profound spiritual bankruptcy in the human community. We must restore hope, justice and peace.
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Mob Rule and the Tree of Life

- In our grief over yet more tragedy, we must insist that our leaders stop the hateful rhetoric and confront the violence that courses through the dark corners of American life.
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Constitution Day Continued… Second Amendment Opinions!

- 48% of students, faculty and staff responding to the Constitution Day Straw Poll say the Second Amendment must change.
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Trinity in Solidarity with the March For Our Lives

- Trinity students, faculty, staff and friends gathered to teach and learn about gun violence, and express solidarity with all who are seeking solutions to this great American tragedy.
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All the Children Say: We Don’t Need Another Hero

- We march in solidarity with the young people all over the country who are demanding an end to gun violence. We don't need more heroes, we need moral action.
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No Silencing the Lambs

- Stopping to pay respects to the students, teachers and families of Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School. These students have found their voices and they will not be silenced. #MSDStrong #NeverAgain
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Trinity Welcomes Courageous High School Students Who Stand Up for Justice

- Students who stand up for justice are always welcome at Trinity.
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