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Coping Skills

- SNOW F10 FRONT CAMPUS GLOW_edited-1 (Medium) We go for many winters in a row with no snow, and then — bam! blast! crunch! — we feel like we’re living in the Arctic Circle.  Actually, the Arctic Circle feels like Washington used to feel, rather warm with…
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- So it snowed on Saturday, far more than the weather mavens said it would, in the middle of the day disrupting classes and events schedules and plans for dinner and running errands.  Everyone was cranky and sick and tired of…
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Haiti's Hope Amid the Rubble

- 01.tent.field.cnn (Photo of tent city in Haiti from cnn.com) Trinity Professor Robert Maguire has given a number of interviews about Haiti and what is likely to happen next as the nation rebuilds after the earthquake.   Through this interview series he…
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