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Yes, Again.

January 26, 2014 - The government fails the people when it fails to address gun violence effectively. Continue reading
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Voices of Trinity: Constitution Day 2d Amendment

September 17, 2013 - On Constitution Day, Trinity students, faculty and staff engage a robust debate on the Second Amendment, reflecting on the Navy Yard tragedy and the larger questions of balancing individual rights with the urgent need to end violence in our communities. Continue reading
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Put the Trauma Centers Out of Business

September 16, 2013 - Dr. Janis Orlowski of the Washington Hospital Center said it best: let's put the trauma centers out of business. We must end gun violence. Continue reading
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Treyvon Martin’s Right to Life

March 26, 2012 - A vigorous defense of the right to life must extend to the living. Women's right advocates and pro-life proponents must find common cause in demanding greater protection for our children. Continue reading
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