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Business Issues

The Cruelty Is The Point

- Playing politics with the lives and academic plans of our international students is disgraceful.
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Happy New Year — Roaring Into the 2020’s!!

- Trinity's large strategic agenda will make the 2020's our best decade yet!
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College Costs: Books and Course Materials

- Trinity is taking actions to address the high cost of some textbooks and course bundles. But books are essential to academic success and lifelong intellectual development.
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What College Costs Beyond Tuition

- Trinity students have many expenses well beyond tuition costs. Read more from our survey of students about what it costs to attend college.
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The Ugly American

- We must defy the current mood of American isolation and withdrawal from engagement with other nations, and rekindle respect and cooperation with all people.
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Constitution Day Continued… Second Amendment Opinions!

- 48% of students, faculty and staff responding to the Constitution Day Straw Poll say the Second Amendment must change.
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Celebrating a Free Press

- The Pulitzer Prizes remind us of the absolute importance of freedom of the press to preserve our free society.
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Trinity Women in History: Business Leader and Entrepreneur Jane Marilley ’44

- Jane Marilley '44 built a great Washington business called Courtesy Associates. Her legacy lives on at Trinity in the first computer classroom established in 1997 through a gift from the Marilley Foundation.
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Guys! Guys! Listen Up!

- Men must confront each other on sexual misconduct. And women in positions of power need to support their sisters who are more vulnerable. We all need to be aggressive in putting an end to this tawdry mess of sexual harassment, our nation has serious issues that need our attention!
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Harvard Joins the Club

- Harvard's first year class is a milestone in the university's nearly 400 year-old history. Trinity's been there for a while. More and more universities will be welcoming a majority of students of color in the years ahead.
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