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The Cruelty Is The Point

- Playing politics with the lives and academic plans of our international students is disgraceful.
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Voices of Trinity: Faculty Speak on Black Lives Matter

- Dr. Monroe reminded us of this truth: as Fannie Lou Hamer said, ‘Nobody’s free until everybody’s free."
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Voices of the Historic Red Class of 2020: Triumphant Graduates!

- Trinity's historic Red Class of 2020 persisted through the pandemic and emerge triumphant with their degrees. Read their stories and say CONGRATULATIONS!!
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Voices of Trinity: Winter 2020 Graduates Tell Their Stories

- Congratulations to our Winter 2020 Graduates! Their stories are inspiration for all!
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Happy New Year — Roaring Into the 2020’s!!

- Trinity's large strategic agenda will make the 2020's our best decade yet!
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Remembering Dr. Raul D. Tovares

- The Dr. Raul D. Tovares Annual Speech Contest will ensure that future generations of Trinity students and faculty remember the legacy of this talented and generous teacher and scholar.
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The Weight of These Robes: Cap and Gown Address

- The Cap and Gown celebration is a moment of triumph for our seniors, but the weight of these robes is the obligation of our Trinity education to exercise leadership for good.
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New Students Straw Poll Results: Election and Issues

- Trinity's New Students have opinions! (Yes, they are Trinity Women!) Read the results of the straw poll taken during the CAS New Student Convocation.
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Welcome, Class of 2023!

- Ambitious, Courageous, Resilient: meet the new Trinity students in the College of Arts and Sciences.
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Voices of Trinity: Student Summer Adventures

- Trinity students were on the go all over the U.S. and abroad in the summer of 2019! What marvelous adventures!
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