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Trinity’s Changing Landscape


For the last two years, the Trinity community has watched with curiosity and eagerness as the new Payden Academic Center rose along the Franklin Street expanse of our campus.  In just a few weeks this marvelous new laboratory and classroom building will open for the very first classes in the Fall 2016 semester.   Even as we delight in the beautiful new learning spaces, we also have said a fond farewell to the old Science Building that served generations of Trinity students and faculty so well.

Trinity’s campus landscape has evolved slowly across the last 12 decades — unlike many larger universities that often have multiple building projects going on all the time, Trinity has built only when absolutely necessary to ensure excellence in learning and campus life across many generations.  Each building reflects the style and needs of the period in which it opened, but each tried to anticipate future needs as well.

The short video above shows the evolution of Trinity’s landscape from 1897 to 2016.

The video below is our record of thanks and farewell to the old Science Building.  Once the site is fully cleared, the road from the front circle past the Payden Center will connect with the road near the back gate and Trinity Center parking lot to provide a new thoroughfare for the campus.  We will provide more information on the final stages of this project, new traffic and shuttle patterns as the Fall 2016 semester gets underway.

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