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Trinity Alumnae

Women Leaders and the “B” Word

- Let's have a new vocabulary for women leaders: Bold, Brave, Bodacious, Brainy!
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Voices of the Historic Red Class of 2020: Triumphant Graduates!

- Trinity's historic Red Class of 2020 persisted through the pandemic and emerge triumphant with their degrees. Read their stories and say CONGRATULATIONS!!
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Sr. Margaret: The Classiest of All Class Acts

- Sister Margaret Claydon exemplified Trinity's values in women's leadership, intellectual excellence, integrity and faith.
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Voices of Trinity: Winter 2020 Graduates Tell Their Stories

- Congratulations to our Winter 2020 Graduates! Their stories are inspiration for all!
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Happy New Year — Roaring Into the 2020’s!!

- Trinity's large strategic agenda will make the 2020's our best decade yet!
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No Hate, Just the Facts

- In this serious historic moment, we must read, study and form opinions based on facts, not emotions. Women leaders are showing the way.
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The Weight of These Robes: Cap and Gown Address

- The Cap and Gown celebration is a moment of triumph for our seniors, but the weight of these robes is the obligation of our Trinity education to exercise leadership for good.
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Voices of Trinity: World Travelers Return!

- The places they've been, the sights they've seen, the experiences they've had!! Trinity students studied in Paris and Buenos Aires in May and June. Here are the first three "travelers' tales" with more to come!
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Magnificent Vision of the Class of 1969

- THANK YOU, Class of 1969, for your magnificent vision to get Trinity students to the finish line!
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Welcome Home, Alumnae!

- Welcome to our 50th Reunion Class of 1969 and all classes enjoying Reunion this weekend!
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