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Trinity Alumnae

Can Women Really Make History?

- We should to more to hold mainstream media accountable for the shameful way they treat women who are candidates for high office. Enough with the patronizing and demeaning stories of salad forks and combs!
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Black Lives Matter

- Do not remember Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. as a distant historic figure, but as a powerful force whose message continues to drive the quest for justice today.
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Speaker Nancy Pelosi: Knowing Her Power

- Trinity salutes our Trinity Sister, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, Class of 1962!
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Hope in the New Year

- Trinity looks forward to 2019 with great optimism and exciting plans for the future!
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“Competent Females,” Remarkable Women

- Great leadership requires more than mere competence. Trinity Women in public office have repeatedly demonstrated remarkable leadership and effective achievements.
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Welcome, Class of 2022 and All New Students

- Hundreds of new students joined the Trinity family this week, and their stories are remarkable. Read about some of them in my remarks to the new students in the College of Arts and Sciences. Welcome to all new students at Trinity!
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From Hashtags to Hope: Challenge to the Class of 2018

- We must move beyond hashtags to use the leverage of our righteous anger at current conditions to create genuine social change. The Class of 2018 now joins a long line of Trinity public leaders who have devoted their talents to improving the lives of others.
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Alumnae Memories

- Alumnae Reunion Weekend 2018 was filled with good times and great memories. Congratulations to all reunion classes and especially the Class of 1968!
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Celebrating Trinity Alumnae

- Dr. Virginia Bergin MacKenzie '58 has published a remarkable book on the civil war in Liberia. She is one of so many accomplished alumnae returning for the 2018 reunion.
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Welcome Home, Alumnae!

- Classes ending in "3" and "8" gather on campus this weekend to renew friendships and carry on the decades-long stories of the lives of Trinity Women. Welcome!
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