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Welcome Home, Alumnae!


1967 Academic Procession(Photo from 1967 Trinilogue shows seniors marching in academic procession.)

Alumnae Reunion is here! We are so pleased to welcome “home” to Trinity the classes ending in “2” and “7” and other alumnae and alumni who will join us for the weekend!  Congratulations to the Gold Class of 1967, here celebrating their Golden Jubilee!  It’s going to be a fabulous weekend.

Singing group entertaining studentsThe Class of 1967 yearbook is a great “walk down memory lane” … the Belles, photo above, sang in harmony on every occasion possible in those days, and plaid skirts and cardigans were the height of campus fashion!

Class in library lecture halllStudents had to wear skirts to class and in public on campus until 1970!  The photo above is a class in the Library Auditorium in the mid-1960’s.

Seniors weaing academic gownsSeniors, of course had a nifty way of “skirting” the dress code — after Cap & Gown Sunday, the academic gown proved to be a great cover for… well, maybe…. shorts?  And such….

SNDs at TrinityThe Sisters of Notre Dame in 1967 did not have any clever dress code work-arounds — full habit was still de rigeur! In In this photo Trinity’s President Sister Margaret Claydon, SND leads two other sisters at a meeting.

Students taking an examSome things never change, of course.  Students in 1967 huddled over exams (photo above) in much the same way students do today — the difference being that we have replaced those wooden desks with more comfortable tables and chairs!  But the intensity of exams and academic life continues…

Front steps of Main HallSecurity has always been important at Trinity, but styles do change.  In 1967, Mr. Hassett (right) was a fixture at the front of Main Hall.  He seems totally unperturbed by that disturbingly large poster of Tony the Tiger waltzing into Main.  Hmmm. Looks like parents are around, must be OK.

Sister Lidwin photoThe late Sister Lidwin Genau, SND, also worked at the front desk and supervised Main Hall (check out that fistful of keys in the photo above)… The Class of 1967 was so devoted to Sr. Lidwin that they not only dedicated the Trinilogue that year in her honor, they also established a scholarship in her name.  Thank you, Golds of ’67!

Miss Durbin photoGreat Athletic Directors have also been a big part of student life at Trinity — today we are so fortunate to have Amy Olson as our A.D., and in the 1960’s and early 1970’s we had the inimitable Miss Durbin — photo above with her ever-present hockey stick.  In those days, every student had to take a Physical Education class of some sort, and those black hockey shoes and jumpers were standard issue.

Hubert Humphrey and Sr. Margaret ClaydonAs is true today, Trinity through the decades has hosted numerous civic leaders, politicians and public figures in Washington.  The Class of 1967 yearbook includes this photo of then-Vice President of the United States Hubert Humphrey and Mrs. Humphrey, escorted by Trinity President Sr. Margaret Claydon to a lecture in Main Hall.

Many more memories will flow throughout reunion weekend as the classes gather to recount old stories with new twists or to share more recent news that continues to fill-in the lifelong legend of Trinity lives across the generations.  Check back on this blog for more photos and tales from Alumnae Reunion!

Graduate with bubble gumWelcome back, Alumnae!

Feel free to share your memories by using the comments box, below….

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