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Women’s March on Washington


The video of this event is currently unavailable; it will be restored as soon as possible. Please contact with any specific questions.

Many Trinity students, faculty, staff, alumnae and Sisters of Notre Dame participated in the Women’s March on Washington and sister marches around the country.  We received so many photos we compiled them into a short video, above!  If you have photos please send them to or add comments below.

We’ll add these to the video later but for now here are some more photos of the March that just came in:

Trinity alumnae around the world marched!  We hear that a group of the Class of ’65 gathered in France, others gathered in cities and towns everywhere to be part of the moment.

Annemarie Cowhig Farrell, Class of 1948, mother of nine including five Trinity Women, holding up a picture of her five great grandchildren in whose honor she is marching in her home town of  Pittsfield, MA — who could not see this photo and not feel moved by such grace and courage?  Annemarie, we salute you!!FarrellDistinguished Professor and Former Congresswoman Barbara Bailey Kennelly ’58:

Kennelly 1Kennelly 2 Kennelly 3

Tiffany Pounds, a graduate student in the SCPR program, met her hero Angela Davis, famous civil rights activist and women’s rights champion:

Pounds with Angela Davis

From Alumna Mary Beth Nason ’65:

Nason 2Nason 1From Staff Member Annette Coram:

coram 1coram 5From Student Chantal Touzet-Bush:

Bush 3Bush 1From Student Sinea Burton:

Burton 1Burton 4

Keep sending your photos!  We’ll be expanding the video early in the week… Thanks to all for participating!

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4 Responses to Women’s March on Washington

  1. Mary (Gutowski) Schlitzer '83 says:

    I knitted 20 Pussyhats for friends and family attending the march! I am proud to say that my 85-year old mother, Martha (McGill) Gutowski Thornley ’53, went by herself to a local march, cane in hand, wearing one of the Pussyhats I knitted.

  2. Hello President McGuire,
    Just wanted to share the link to a video that my friend and I put together. Hope you enjoy!

  3. Theresa Fabian Brunner '91 says:

    So thousands of women felt the need to gather to energize for…what, exactly? The signs give away the aimlessness of this march. An “unjust law…?” Which law would that be specifically? “Love wins?” Not only vague, but pretty presumptuous and uncharitable to think that there is no “love” in the hearts of the new administration or those who disagree with marchers. All these women may protest over something that MAY happen, someday, at a point in the future. Reality is, though, that so many will return home to health insurance they can no longer afford, the need for multiple jobs to pay rising bills, wage stagnation, worry over how to pay for kids’ college when savings are worthless after years of QE policy, along with under-performing schools and surges in violent crime. And they have the old administration to thank for all of that. THESE are the “women’s issues” that the march and the media seem to ignore.

  4. Elizabeth Palmer '92 says:

    The only arrangement I made to join the Women’s March in San Francisco was to call a friend who lives there to see if I could crash there for the night after the march. I didn’t make plans to meet up with a group or affiliate with any sign or slogan or cause. I wore a purple shirt and pearl earrings. And a silver pendant that looks a lot like the brass buttons Gucci is using on patriotically themed coats these days. I drove an hour from home to catch the closest train into the city. Because Trinity women show up. Because its easy to advocate for your core values from the majority power position, what counts is whether you can do it when you have to generate your own power. Because its my country too. Because Tigers watch everything…

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