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Voices of Trinity: Inauguration Edition Part 3: Alumnae Ideas for Trump Speech


alum 1As of today 582 Trinity alumnae and alumni have answered the Trinity Straw Poll on the Presidential Inauguration and the responses are still coming in!  Yesterday’s blog took an overall look at the responses.  I’ll be posting summaries and excerpts every day for the next two weeks, so stay tuned!  Today’s blog includes some of the responses from the 1940’s, 50’s and 60’s alums in answer to this question:

Q4: What do you hope President Trump will say in his Inauguration Address?  Please write a few sentences identifying the issues that are most important to you, and why.

An alumna from the 1940’s writes:  “The most urgent issue facing the world today is global warming. We must do all in our power to counteract it. The right to adequate health care is a human right. We must make sure it is available to all. Reforming the tax code is a high priority. Fiscal responsibility must not be forgotten but should not be the tail that wags the dog. Demeaning of any other person is contrary to American tradition. We must maintain friendship with our allies and not act unilaterally.”

Also from the 1940’s:  “National security, rational immigration policy, lower corporate taxes to bring companies back to the U.S., a foreign policy that is in our national interests, a balanced approach to global warming.”

class of 57 officersMany responses from alumnae in the classes of the 1950’s; a representative sample:

“I want to hear him say that he is committed to working with everyone, to reach across the aisle to do what’s right for all Americans. I want him to have an inclusive administration, to not leave people behind. I want him to be respectful. I want to be assured that he has decent, level-headed people in his administration. I want him to be thoughtful in what he says.”

“Plan for Health Care now that current one is going to be repealed. There are sick people (especially the little ones) who have significantly improved under Obamacare. Realize we are a country of immigrants and STOP denigrating or trying to rid US of them.”

“Remember the first obligation of the President is to keep our country safe. Yes, we need border control and to enforce our laws. Yes, we need honest law enforcement and give support, respect and gratitude to those who serve as our police, firefighters and in the military. Work with and through the Congress. Eliminate the regulations that are stifling our economic growth. Redo the Iranian nuclear agreement or at minimum ensure compliance. Replace the Affordable Heath Care act which has been a financial disaster as well as not providing patient/physical care as promised while keeping those elements that make sense, i.e. covering long term health issues. Be an advocate of school choice. Be a strong partner to our allies ( Israel and NATO) while being strong against those who would seek to destroy us and our values and faith.”

“National security. I hope President Trump will rebuild and support our military. The economy. Trump has said he will simplify our tax system and make it more fair. I hope he will do that as well as reduce some of the regulations holding our economy back. Health care. I hope President Trump and the Republican Congress will be able unravel the ACA and devise a better way to deliver and finance health care. Immigration. For years we have been calling for comprehensive immigration overhaul, but nobody seems to want to do it.”

“Support health care for all done with intelligence – important because Medicare applies to my family. Support the long time government employee who’s work has shown dedication, intelligence and understanding of his/her area of concern… Promise to give up the “Tweeting” – he denigrates the position of President by commenting on trivia, showing anger at anyone who infers in anyway that he is lacking something… Show he will try to unite both parties to work for the good of the country – for 8 years the republicans have held up legislature that needed to be dealt with due only to their desire to “defeat” the democrats headed by President Obama. – sad, very sad, when the desire to be so in control keeps the citizens from needed help.”

“I hope that Trump will sound more conciliatory than he has many times in the past. It is crucially important at this point that the people in our country learn to work together to solve problems. The population has become so polarized that it is difficult to make any real progress. Also this election campaign has uncovered the fact that there is still too much racism at work in our country; Trump needs to defuse this, rather than intensify it. … The gap between the rich and the poor in this country has never been so wide, and I’m afraid the Trump administration is only going to make that worse by catering to the rich and those whose money gives them power over others. I am obviously also concerned about Trump and Congress repealing the Affordable Care Act without putting anything in its place; millions of people will lose needed health coverage…”

“… It is obvious to me that there was a message being sent by his supporters that wasn’t being heard and they unfortunately picked the wrong messenger in Trump and now we are stuck in this place with a tyrant at the helm. I am definitely not a Hillary Clinton fan but he is the worst of all the candidates. It is no surprise to me that there are more people that register to vote as unaffiliated than for either of the two major parties. When did moderation become a bad word and is ” political correctness ” simply what we used to call manners ? The primary system is a complete mess and this winner take all nonsense truly disenfranchises voters, never mind the fact that independents often are prevented from voting at all. The parties ended up picking two awfully flawed nominees and we were stuck with a Hobson’s Choice. As far as I’m concerned, the far right and left fringes have taken over the Republican and Democratic parties and unless the moderates in those parties can join the independents in the middle and and elect reasonable people we will never have any unity or get anything of consequence done for the country.”

“The issues that are important to me are: (1) Respect for the Constitution and the functioning of democracy. (2) Climate change–working together to turn it around. (2) Immigration–opening our borders and our hearts to all people. (4) Inclusivity of all people (no matter what race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation). (5) The development of a process of dialogue and empathy within Congress and throughout the nation.”

“Please be a president for all the people that make America great . We move forward with many new immigrants. We do not look back. And please take care of our environment and do not repeal Obamacare and raise the minimum wage. Nominate a competent individual to our Supreme Ct, not one who has only one agenda. I am very concerned about our Democracy and the true Christian values-taking care of those who cannot take care of themselves.”

69 sing 1LOTS of replies from the alumnae of the 1960’s, a sample here and more tomorrow:

“I hope he is given the chance to accomplish what he set out to do. I was not a fan of his, but he is our new president and should be given the same respect and opportunity to succeed as past presidents.”

“My hope is that it will be a unifying speech. My greatest concern surrounds his nominees to important positions, the most important of which is that he appoint pro-life judges to the Supreme Court.”

“We need to somehow bridge the chasm between law enforcement and minority groups; to develop real jobs with satisfying futures and decent pay (not minimum wage stuff); make basic Healthcare accessible to aĺl. There are so many people in this Country struggling everyday just to survive – to feed their families, to deal with medical issues, to get a decent education, to try to feel hopeful for their own and their community’s future.”

“Six weeks after the election, I’m still surprised to have won. I’m deeply honored that my fellow citizens have chosen me to lead them for the next four years–not longer! The questions we confront are weighty: how to manage the great wealth our country is blessed with so that all citizens may share the benefits of decent housing and affordable health care; how to educate our young and not-so-young to seek truth and justice amid the confusing barrage of celebrity worship and ego enhancement? On the international front, how to turn enemies into friends while maintaining long-standing alliances; how to safeguard the planet for future generations? In very broad strokes, these are the challenges we face together as citizens, both actual or potential as aspirants to the American dream.”

“I would love to hear him address in a positive manner the importance of maintaining access to affordable health care, rather than leaving 20 million without such access; the importance of funding Planned Parenthood’s work providing access to women’s health care, action on the global climate change; recognition of the gravity of the current foreign policy crisis, support for civil liberties of all Americans. The list goes on…”

“I hope he will say that he will look for ways to unite the country; protect health care; defend the rights of all minorities, especially Muslims; use diplomacy and restraint in our foreign affairs; encourage the development and implementation of renewable sources of energy; put an end to the poverty in which one fourth of American children live; keep Medicare and Social Security intact; and see that the wealthy carry their fair share of the tax burden. Oh, and that’s he’s sorry about all the hurtful, abusive things he has said.”

“…I would like to see him commit to dialogue with previous presidents and their teams to glean knowledge and insight for his own decision making. 1. I think that our basic freedoms are at risk with an untransformed Mr. Trump and a number of his proposed associates; freedom of religion and freedom of the press loom large….Our country was founded upon freedom of religion; though religions in the United States have become far more diverse, they must be respected and honored. 2. Mr. Trump’s ridicule of the mainstream press, i.e. The Washington Post, The New York Times, CNN is frightening to watch. The threatened ejection of Jim Acosta,a seasoned and honorable CNN journalist, from a Trump press conference is not acceptable. 3. Civil Rights. I grew up in a small town in Virginia where we had drinking fountains for ‘colored’ and for ‘white’, segregated areas in movie theaters. … So much has been accomplished since then and I cannot imagine returning to those days. The Confederate flag has been flying along North Carolinian roads where there are still vestiges of the Ku Klux Klan and we have seen the racial violence vividly in Missouri and Chicago. This fight must continue. 4. Women’s Rights. I realize with the result of the 2016 election that perhaps Hillary Clinton, who by any measure, was the most qualified candidate on the ballot and as President Obama claimed, perhaps ever, women must continue to drive and scale their impact on the United States…”

“Pledge to: Protect the environment. Recognize the challenges of climate change, look for creative solutions in new approaches in Organic agriculture (e.g., restoration organics). Respect the current climate accord, continue President Obama’s policies and take them to deep ecology solutions. Protect Social Security and make it available to our children and grandchildren, in its current form. Which can happen if the billionaires pay their fair share, starting with you. Recognize that the elections are indeed fixed, as you said, and change the system to a majority rule vote. Work to end discrimination by encouraging and supporting voter participation in all elections. End corporate welfare and Citizens United.”

“Restate plans to take steps for the security of the USA against all foes. Having grown up in a country just recovering from a major war, security and strength are some of the most important issues. Restate plans to revitalize our economy, create jobs, help industries grow. As I drive outside of the DC area I see town after town that have become ghost towns. Places where there is no hope, no jobs, only despair. Our politicians are sadly unaware or do not wish to know what is really happening to our citizens. This is why this election was so important. The “deplorables” have spoken and it is truly a time for a new direction.”

“I hope he will affirm his respect for the Constitution and for the United Nations. I remember that Professor Edna Fluegel was one of the scholars who helped write the original documents for the United Nations . I hope he will show some respect for women as independent citizens deserving full protection under the law. I hope he will speak respectfully of immigration and religious liberty.”

“Issues important to me are Social Security and Medicare preservation as we know it; Medicare-like insurance for all rather than market-based system; better education to prepare populace not to vote for such a candidate; infrastructure jobs to replace loss of factories and improve public transport, particularly trains.”

“Nothing he says will reassure me about the direction he’ll be taking this country. I am very concerned about possible nuclear confrontations, destruction of the environment, erosion of citizen and civil rights, a wider gulf between the haves and have nots, the influence of foreigners in our elections and governance, sacrificing our long established ties with allies for romance with despots, the elimination of ethics and legal accountability in our government and officials, and replacing democracy with Fascism. I am afraid we are heading towards becoming the United States of Russia and America.”

“Stop tweeting.”

We have so many responses to the survey that this blog will continue to post them for the next several days.  Come back tomorrow for more responses from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and beyond…

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