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Welcome home, Alumnae!


seniors clappingWelcome home, Alumnae!  We are especially pleased to welcome back to Trinity the classes ending in “1” and “6”, and particularly the great Golden Jubilee Class of 1966!  Congratulations on your grand achievements across 50 years!

hoverboard 66’66 broke a lot of new ground when they took the campus by storm in the early 1960’s.  Who knew that even before we ever heard of Marty McFly the intrepid ’66 group had their very own version of a hoverboard (above)?  Well, ok, maybe a skateboard — but was that allowed anywhere near the Marble Corridor?  Hmmm….

roadsterAnd how about packing into the Chevy (?) and tooling around campus with the top down IN A SNOWSTORM?  Where was Sr. Columba when this frolicking was underway??

hojoOk, so even the SNDs were frolicking…. that’s our late beloved Sr. Helen James John, SND, Philosopher extraordinaire apparently playing a mean game of jacks — all of this in the 1966 Trinilogue!!

Claydon on Education for Peace 1965On far more serious notes, Sr. Margaret Claydon gave a powerful speech in 1965 to the National Catholic Education Association in which she perfectly captured the ideals of Trinity and the spirit of the age in the 1960’s.  We’re delighted that Sr. Margaret will be on campus during Reunion weekend to be with our alumnae and also to witness the dedication of the new Payden Academic Center.

4 20 2016 (Large)

At 11 am on Saturday, June 4, we will gather on the front plaza of the new building to celebrate, bless and thank all of the amazing donors who made this great new learning center possible, and particularly Joan Payden ’53 whose generous gift launched the campaign.  Joan will be with us on Saturday and I know that all alumnae join me in extending deepest thanks to her for ensuring a vibrant future for Trinity.

More to come…. welcome to all alumnae!!

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