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Voices of Trinity: Congrats, Officer Al-Warith!


AKAgradsmileTrinity Women achieve much in so many different places!  Congratulations are in order to Ariel Al-Warith, recently sworn-in as a member of the Metropolitan Police Department in Washington!

Ariel’s mom Julia Rones provided this statement:

“In December of 2014, Ariel K. Al-Warith took a leave of absence from criminal justice studies at Trinity Washington University’s School of Arts and Sciences. Ariel was pursuing her BA under a Trinity President’s Leadership Scholarship. Ariel left to pursue her dream of becoming a law enforcement officer with the District of Columbia’s Metropolitan Police Department.  

“Ariel was sworn in as an MPD police officer on August 21, 2015. She will be stationed in Police District 1 in Southwest Washington.  Ariel was the sole, certified EMT, and one of six Washingtonians out of twenty-two police recruits in her police academy graduating class.  She says that her Trinity courses in cultural, and religious awareness, communications, and criminal justice, as well as, her sportsmanship training and physical fitness from her zealous participation in Trinity varsity sports, helped immensely.  

“Ariel says, “Trinity has given me a good start and has prepared me well for my law enforcement career.”  Trinity Washington University Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice (program chair), Thomas Mostowy approved Ariel’s two-month summer course internship with the US District of Columbia Probation Office led by Gennine A. Hagar, Chief United States Probation Officer.   

“Ariel says whether she is on the job or off, she bears a duty to serve and protect the public.  She says she intends to complete her  degree in criminal justice at Trinity, and vows to make her Trinity family proud.”

Trinity is so proud of Ariel for choosing to serve her city and nation as a police officer.  We pray for her safety and look forward to welcoming her back to the Criminal Justice program once she gets settled in her new duties.

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