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Trinity Alumnae Coast to Coast!


What an amazing several weeks for Trinity alumnae from coast to coast!  Trinity alumnae in Los Angeles gathered for a wonderful party on October 15, see video above.  Joan Payden was our host at the California Club.  Our Board Chair Sr. Patricia O’Brien, SND and Trustee Finance Chair Irene Horstmann Hannan 68 joined me in saluting Joan for her amazing gift in support of the new Trinity Academic Center.  Joan spoke with passion and eloquence about the importance of women supporting women’s education and advancement.  We all had a great time.  Thanks, Joan!

By the way, we like to get our Trinity spouses into the act, so we’re very grateful to Brian P. Gallogly, spouse of Angela Zizzi Dailey ’71, for those great photos.  Thanks also to Angela for wonderful assistance with the event, and also many thanks to Mary Zorotovitch and the amazing team at Payden & Rygel!  We have a wonderful video of historic photos that played during the event and we’ll be loading that onto the Trinity website.

Gretchen and Pat

I raced back from L.A. to change bags and head to the University of Scranton where Trinity Alumna Dr. Gretchen Van Dyke ’83 (above, left) was chairing a major conference for the Lilly Fellows, an ecumenical group devoted to strengthening church-related colleges and universities of many denominations.  Gretchen, a professor of Political Science at Scranton, invited me to give an address to this group.  She is a real superstar, and the conference was amazing.  Thanks, Gretchen!

Then, just this past Friday, I had the pleasure of giving an address to the Catholic high school teachers and principals of the Archdiocese of Washington, and wouldn’t you know it, one of Trinity’s Finest was honored during this event.  Nellie Jackson ’04 is chair of the English Department at Don Bosco Cristo Rey —- she received on award for her teaching excellence.  Here’s the citation:Nellie Jackson


And as a double pleasure, Nellie’s principal at Don Bosco Cristo Rey is also a Trinity alumnus, Larry Savoy, a graduate of our Educational Administration master’s program.  Here’s Larry and Nellie celebrating her award with me:

Savoy and Jackson at ADW Teachers Event 10 15 2013

Trinity graduates are excelling throughout the educational universe.  We recently learned that THREE Trinity alumnae are among the 23 honorees for this year’s Rubenstein Awards for Highly Effective Teachers for the D.C. Public Schools.  They include:

  • Dowan McNair-Lee ’07
  • Belinda Omenitsch ’94
  • Amy C. Wertheimer ’02

Congratulations to these accomplished teachers and Trinity alumnae!  We’ll have more to report on them after the awards ceremony.

Finally, we have also just learned that Kena Allison who is an instructor in our Continuing Education Program — she teaches at the Thurgood Marshall Academy — also just won a major award for excellence in teaching; she is featured in the Washington Post.

Many thanks to all alumnae and alumni, and our very accomplished faculty and instructors, whose amazingly great work makes Trinity so proud!

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