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Hail to the Filibusters!



Sure, it’s still early in the season, but with two grim losses already weighing down once-bright hopes for glory, perhaps this is the perfect moment for Daniel Snyder to do the right thing and change the name of Washington’s Football Team from its current name with so many racist implications to something more appropriate.  The team needs a jolt.  And if it doesn’t work and the team keeps losing, a name change would help to hide the embarrassment of so much money devoted to such a pathetic cause.

It’s even possible that nobody would notice the name change.  Look, the buzz this morning is all about Larry Summers who decided yesterday to withdraw his name from consideration as chair of the Federal Reserve Board.  Good cover!  A rich man decides to stay rich and not risk his reputation for arrogance on public service.  Good for him.  Great for the country.  Inspiration for Dan Snyder?

And who would have time to notice a new football name, what with all the speculation about whether Vladimir Putin’s op-ed in the New York Times was really a stalking horse for his bid in 2016?  Political horse races are so much more fun than watching big men smash each others brains out.  (Just kidding.  The Russian president isn’t running for anything here… except maybe he wants to be chairman of Ketchum, the big PR firm that placed his column in the Times.)

People are beginning to notice this movement for a name change.  Christine Brennan, a sportswriter whom I greatly admire, has decided to stop using the current name.  Other writers and media outlets are doing the same.  Even the Washington Post has called for a change, though the newspaper is still using the current name.

We have legendary precedent for big league name changes in D.C.  The late, great Abe Pollin decided that “Bullets” was wrong, wrong, wrong for his basketball team in a city that suffers so much violence.  Maybe the Wizards don’t always delight us, but the name is harmless enough.

I wish the new baseball team had revived the historic name “Senators,” but still, “Nationals” seems pretty classy, though I’m not sure about the nickname “Nats” that can easily confuse listeners with small annoying flies.

A contest to name the football team would sure be fun, deflecting the vast amounts of time and attention I know we’re all devoting to understanding Syria.  You have read every word, haven’t you?  Quiz:  find Syria on a map.  Discuss its history and traditions.  Explain U.S. Policy in the Middle East.  Now back to football….

So, what will we call our football team?  Name suggestions float all over the internet.  I’m opposed to “Washington Warriors” because the last thing this town needs is more people cheering for war.  “Pigskins” is ridiculous, and let’s just agree that we’re not going to have a name that speaks of “skin” of any kind.

I think the name needs to reflect the real work of Washington.  I considered the “Washington Sequesters” but spelling is always a challenge here.  But why not have a name that really speaks to what goes on in the corridors of power every day here.

I propose the “Washington Filibusters.”  Now, there’s a name that will inspire confidence!

What are your suggestions for the name of our football team?  Comment below:

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