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DC Water Advisory Ends at Trinity. Parts of DC Still Affected


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SATURDAY, JULY 14, 2018, 3:00 pm:

DC Water updated its Water Advisory Alert on Saturday, July 14, 2018. TRINITY IS NOT IN THE AFFECTED ZONE.

Trinity is ending its precautionary water measures: According to DC Water, because our campus is not in the affected zone, you may safely drink out of faucets and water fountains and you do not need to drink bottled water or boil water.

TRINITY WILL CONTINUE TO HAVE FREE BOTTLED WATER AVAILABLE in the lobbies of all buildings that are open this weekend through Sunday (in Main Hall, bottled water available in basement near the deli).

PLEASE NOTE:  There is a small area of DC that continues to be under the Water Advisory Alert. This area includes Monroe Street Market and other parts of Brookland, and a few other neighborhoods north of the campus (see map below).

Be sure to check the interactive map posted by DC Water: You can enter your address and see if you are in the affected area. If you are in the area, DC Water advises that you continue to use bottled water, boil water before use, and not drink water from faucets.

Thank you for your patience during this DC Water Advisory. Thanks to the Trinity staff who took quick action to manage this situation.  A very special thanks to our colleagues with Aramark Facilities and Metz Dining Services, who went above and beyond to make sure everyone had safe food and water.

The DC Water map showing the revised and smaller affected area (in blue) is below. 

The detailed interactive version of this map can be found here.
Map of DC Water Advisory July 14 2018



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