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Magnificent Vision of the Class of 1969

- THANK YOU, Class of 1969, for your magnificent vision to get Trinity students to the finish line!
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Voices of Trinity: 2019 Graduates Tell Their Stories

- Trinity's May 2019 graduates have powerful stories of challenge, persistence and triumph. Congratulations, Gold Class of 2019!
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College Costs: Books and Course Materials

- Trinity is taking actions to address the high cost of some textbooks and course bundles. But books are essential to academic success and lifelong intellectual development.
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What College Costs Beyond Tuition

- Trinity students have many expenses well beyond tuition costs. Read more from our survey of students about what it costs to attend college.
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Voices of Trinity: Symposium Topics, Trinity Resources

- The results of the campus survey on sexual violence will lead to a spring symposium on this topic, and also improved services and resources for victims of sexual harassment and abuse.
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Student Adventures Abroad in Ghana and Barcelona

- Trinity students spent part of the summer abroad including in Ghana and Barcelona. Read about two of their fantastic experiences on this blog, more to come!
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Commencement Celebration!

- Congratulations, Class of 2018!
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Voices of Trinity: Stories of Triumph and Courage

- Trinity's Class of 2018 includes many remarkable stories of persistence and triumph! Congratulations to all Trinity graduates!
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Congratulations, Graduates!

- Trinity graduates are amazing! Read the stories of some of our latest graduates here, and congratulations to all who are receiving degrees at Winter Graduation!
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Gratitude II

- This week and always we express gratitude for so many great students, faculty and staff at Trinity! This blog focuses on the achievements of Trinity scientists! Thank you!
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