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Adirondack Chronicles 2019.7: Wild Things


Look at that red tail!  This beautiful hawk was not letting a little rain ruin its afternoon perch on a dead tree along the roadside near Tupper Lake.  Beautiful!

Spend just a little bit of time in natural settings and what becomes clear is that the plan for all of God’s creation is one of massive diversity of species and types of living things.  At a time when the human community once again shows its obtuseness about the glorious diversity of the human family, it’s good to remember, observe and commit to protecting the wilderness and natural resource of the earth, including the broad diversity of wild things whose presence sustains the earth.  From the smallest insects to the largest beasts, the wild things all have a role in contributing to the replenishment of natural resources.

Here are some bees tending to their vitally important work on pollination:

Deer are an important food source for other animals as well as humans who like venison…

This young buck really needs some schooling so as not to wind up as a trophy on a wall somewhere… standing and staring at the human pointing a long thing at you is not harmful when it’s a camera lens but can be fatal if it’s a rifle…

Are you listening, Young Buck??

Frogs keep the swamps healthy…

And the birds spread seeds that become new growth for forests and plants everywhere…

And just watching the butterfly convention is cause for at least a smile …

Next: Until next year, farewell, Adirondacks!

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