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Adirondack Chronicles 2019.6: Bears and Birds


Well, there I was, just minding my business watching the loons on….. you guessed it…. BEAR POND…. and who comes strolling down the road but this big guy.  Really big one!  Just lumbering along like any normal afternoon stroll.  So, of course, I first thought about moving into a better position to get the photo, which would have entailed getting out of the car.  Nope!  Cooler heads prevailed, and I got the photo through the windshield… and then decided to roll up the windows just in case….  But my bear friend took a few more steps forward and then made a sharp left into the forest and disappeared….

Meanwhile, the loons kept paddling about heedless of whatever was happening on the road….

Farther up the road, I came upon a clearing with many tall cattails going to seed, and the goldfinch family was eagerly consuming their daily rations:

Abundant milkweed along the road also attracted beautiful butterflies including monarchs and yellow swallowtails:

The swallowtails had a little convention alongside the road:

On the way back, a bear crossed the road in front of me but all I could get was the shadow in the forest… this was a big guy and I was wondering if it was the same one I saw earlier in the same vicinity…

And another mile up the road, this smaller bear scampered away into the forest…

I guess the bears are having a wonderful time today… When I see these beautiful wild creatures deep in the woods, I am reminded of the wisdom of the “forever wild” commitment that New York State made to keep the Adirondack forest preserve unspoiled and in its natural state.  Being able to observe wildlife is a good way to keep a balanced perspective on all life!

Next:  more wild things!!

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