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Adirondack Chronicles 2019.4: Eggs Hatched and Other Beauties!


BREAKING NEWS:  (no pun intended) — The eggs hatched!  After days of drama (see earlier blogs) those two cuties above came into this world sometime after 6 pm last night, last I looked at the nest until about 10 am this morning.  Yes, they are less than 24 hours old and swimming already!  Below are remnants of the egg shells…. Many more photos and a more complete accounting to come in my next blog…. Hooray for the loons!

In other Adirondack beauties, the hummoths are out in force on the milkweed.  These are just crazy bugs, look at those wings and all that fuzz! ….And the abundant milkweed now attracts the monarch butterflies for whom the milkweed is essential for egg laying …

And other butterflies brighten the roadside wildflowers…

So much wildlife, so little time to describe it all!  Spending time in nature is restorative and sure puts our human problems in perspective…. and also reminds us why it’s essential to be attentive to the environment.

Next:  The Circle of Life…. what the loons can teach us!

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