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Adirondack Chronicles 2019.3: Duck Hunting


duck on logLoons are only one of a wide variety of duck species in the Adirondack waters, and each is beautiful in their own way.  The mallard hen above is sleeping on a log on the Ausable River near Lake Placid while some friends preen nearby:

ducks on a logThis mallard scooted about the pond:

mallardWhile this trio swam about enjoying the warm afternoon:

The goldeneye ducks are named for — guess what? — their yellow eyes!  These are enjoying an afternoon on Tupper Lake:

While these ducks are playing on Follensby Clear Pond:

There’s a lot going on among the lakes and ponds other than ducks, of course…. here’s a fun view into the water with fish below and a blue needle fly perched above:

And, of course, dragonflies…. everywhere!

Next:  loon family update, and more!

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