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Adirondack Chronicles 2019.2: The Loon Lives!


loon preening

“Loon Megan”

When last I saw the loon, I wasn’t sure she would make it in her battle against the predatory eagle.  Days later, I went back to check and there she was, preening for all the world to see!!  I’m calling her “Loon Megan” striking that pose we saw Megan Rapinoe strike, the leader of our world soccer champion US Women’s National Team.  Like her namesake, Loon Megan stared down a fearsome predator (the eagle) and let the world know who’s boss.  She was fierce in doing her job, namely, protecting her eggs.

Speaking of which….

loon eggsYep, those are the loon eggs our duck has been protecting.  Aren’t they beautiful?  And big!  And here she is settling down to brood on them to keep them warm awaiting the hatch…

loon with eggs(Just a reminder, I’m not that close!  I have a very loonnnggg lens…. here’s the view from where I’m sitting:…)

The loon has been very calm most of the time, no more frantic calls, but when an eagle circled overhead for a few minutes, her head went up and she scanned her surroundings repeatedly.  But the eagle flew away and all remained calm, so much so that she could take a swim and even preen a bit:

Soon enough, she was back tending her eggs again:

And one more preen:

Next up:  duck hunting!!

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