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Adirondack Chronicles 2018.6: Birds and Bees


Gotcha! Not what you expected? Well, there are millions of birds, bees and other real critters in the Adirondacks.  Bees like the yellowjacket above love the black-eyed susans and other wildflowers that make lakesides and roadsides quite beautiful.  Even the flies can look interesting:

This bee loves the purple loosestrife which is a menace on the lakes but beautiful:

As for birds, here’s a blue jay hanging out in plain view on a dead tree stalk:

And this gray catbird hanging out around the beautiful firethorn weeds along a lake:

This sparrow was singing away in the brush:

Not all birds are cute or beautiful…. ravens seem downright ugly, but what they lack in looks they allegedly make up for in brains.  Ravens are said to be among the smartest birds:

On the other hand, the grouse seems a little dense, always sitting out by the roadside in plain view and then surprised when someone wants to take a picture:

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