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Adirondack Chronicles 2017.7: Call of the Loons


four loonsWaking to the call of the loons…one of the beautiful parts of the Adirondack experience.  Loons abound on the Adirondack lakes and ponds.  I usually find them in pairs, but was delighted to find four friends (photo above) on a recent evening along Bear Pond.  Loons are relatively solitary and mate for life.  I haven’t seen any chicks this season so they must have hatched and grown earlier in the season.  Here’s a couple just lolling about on a recent evening:

two loons on bear pondAnd this loon is shaking a leg as part of preening:

loon preeningOther larger birds are out and about.  I don’t ever recall seeing a raven up close, but this one was perched high on a tree stump and making the most awful noise… a bird worthy of Edgar Allen Poe!

raven on a tree stumpAnd on every roadside for dozens of miles, the wild turkeys and their broods clearly are overpopulating the earth…

wild turkey and broodOn the other hand, this osprey seems kind of lonely sitting on the edge of what seems to be a very empty nest:

osprey perched on nestComing next: the farewell tour!

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