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Adirondack Chronicles 2017.6: Mellow Yellow


butterfly clusterYellow is one of the most popular colors for the wild things in the summer — the bright yellow hues blend in with the sun-dappled leaves on trees and bushes to hide birds and butterflies.  But sometimes, the wild things just show off!  Above photo is a convention of swallowtail butterflies…. looks like they found something to nosh on amid the dead leaves on the forest floor.  Or maybe they’re discussing Russia.  Who knows?

goldfinch on evergreen branchThe goldfinch in the photo above looks long and sleek…. until puffing up (below) to chirp (tweet?) a message….

fat goldfinch chirpingThis yellow warbler was hiding in the tall wispy yellow butterweed…

yellow warbler on a weed

Of course, not all of the creatures are true yellow, many mix red as well like these orange butterflies clustered on purple thistle:

orange butterflies on purple thistleAnd here’s a beautiful fawn, now on his own on a back road, the reddish coat also still with hues of yellow and the white spots that reveal the still-young deer, now growing up:

fawn on a back roadThen there’s this deer, revealing why so many hunters fine deer to be easy marks — quite often they stand and stare rather than running.  Maybe this doe knew I was just taking her picture…

deer staring at cameraNext: waking up with loons!

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