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Adirondack Chronicles 2017.4: Getting Your Goose On


geese splashingI’ll be the first to say that most of the time I dislike geese immensely — they travel in packs, befoul the grass, eat ravenously and make ugly honking sounds.  Ok, got that out!  But in their natural settings outside of urban areas, they can be lovely, even regal.  I enjoyed watching the goose families have a splash party (photo above) on Simond Pond near Tupper Lake.  The little ones ravenously consumed the loosestrife (below) which is good since that water plant is a nuisance…

goslings eating water plantsThey make an elegant parade across the lake:

Geese on paradeAnd these adults in repose look serene:

four geese sittingMeanwhile, elsewhere in the forest, the critters are busy…. mostly eating!

deer eating leavesThis deer (above) was having a tasty breakfast right outside my cabin door!

hummingbird on milkweedAnd this hummingbird (above) was after the sweet nectar in the milkweed.

moths on purple flowerTiny moths (photo above) are all over the wild flowers along the roads.

turtle crossing roadAnd meanwhile, the eternal question: why is the turtle crossing the road?

Stay tuned…. more to come!

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