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Adirondack Chronicles 2017.3: Into the Woods


Fox in the woods

You never know who you’ll meet in the woods.  This beautiful red fox (photo above) was the welcome wagon on a recent foray into the forest — what a big tail s/he has!  (I do keep my distance, the long lens is….loonngg!).  Here’s the full body shot:

red fox walking awayOff to find some lovely furry small things to munch upon….

dirt road into the wildernessGetting to the good stuff in the Forest Preserve up here often entails travel on some dirt roads…. this is one of my favorites (above)…. and a stop along the way for this beautiful pond (Bear Pond, below)….

pond along the back road of the AdirondacksAdirondack back country includes many beautiful birds of all sizes… below are just a few….

kingfisher on a branchThe kingfisher (above) is very skittish, it’s unusual to find one just perching on a branch… this was along the Saranac River.  Below is one of the flightiest of birds, a hummingbird on some milkweed:

HUMMINGBIRD ON MILKWEEDMilkweed also attracts an interesting bee-like creature called a Hummoth (below)…

hummoth on milkweedDon’t you just love the way those little legs with yellow socks hang down from the hummoth?  Here are more hanging legs:

parasailingWait, what’s that?  Parasailing in the wilderness?  Well, it’s a little more civilized on Saranac Lake:

parasailing on Saranac LakeWouldn’t get me up in that contraption!!  Back to the birds… here’s a beautiful yellow warbler:

yellow warblerAnd the great blue heron (below) is the most elegant of all wild things:

great blue heron on a branchgreat blue heron on pondNext:  getting goosed!

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