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Adirondack Chronicles 2016.6


loon preen - Copy (Large)

Brrrrrr!  Sorry about this, folks in sweltering DC, but as I write it’s actually cold up here…. so nice!  And the loons love this weather as well…

loon feeding (Large)Loons are very attentive to their chicks.  Here’s one parent feeding a chick while the other watches approvingly.  The parents keep a close watch on the youngsters:

loon parent and child - Copy (Large)Big birds are out in force these days.  This great blue heron was waiting patiently for some fish to come along while she perched on some deadwood in a pond:

gbh long lake 1 (Large)

gbh ll 2 (Large)This osprey did not like being photographed:

osprey 2 (Large)But this osprey was paying close attention to the nutrition of her soon-to-be-fledglings:

osprey feeding 1 (Large)This eagle perched high up in a pine tree, the better to spot fish in the pond below:

tupper eagle (Large)Meanwhile this owl flew across the lake in front of my kayak and then perched on a branch just inside the forest:

owl racquette (Large)Turtles just laze around on the branches by the side of the river:

turtle raquette (Large)And the chipmunks just never stop foraging for acorns:

chipper (Large)

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