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Remembering Maurice “Mo” Drake


MauriceToday the Trinity family lost a beloved member of our Food Service team. Maurice “Mo” Drake passed away unexpectedly.  He was a staunch pillar of the Sodexho group, leader of the Utilities Team and a union representative.  He was unfailingly proud of his work at Trinity, congenial and deeply dedicated to excellence in all that he did.  My favorite photo of Mo is above, his face reflecting the joy we all shared during a Founders Day barbecue a year or two ago.  I know I will miss seeing him in the dining hall and around campus, he was part of the essential fabric of Trinity life.  Godspeed, Mo, and know that we will be remembering you fondly in the days to come.  Our condolences are with his family, Sodexho colleagues, and all friends who cherished his company.

Please add your memories of Mo using the comment link below.

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11 Responses to Remembering Maurice “Mo” Drake

  1. Keyona Bell says:

    My uncle Mo. We weren’t blood related, but he called me his niece and I called him Uncle Mo. Still devastated behind this. I just can’t seem to wrap my mind around the fact I won’t see him on the metro, over in Southeast, or better yet cafeteria. He been on my heart heavy and I still haven’t entered the cafeteria yet. Can’t wait to see toy again, rest easy big guy. P.S thanks for those unlimited amounts of Cranberry juice when I missed breakfast!

  2. Mikela speller says:

    It was a pleasure working with you such a kind spirit and gentle soul

  3. Keisha says:

    Mo will truly be missed. He was a kind spirit and was always welcoming, open and engaging. My prayers of comfort go out to his family.

  4. Mebrihit says:

    RIB mo

  5. Beverly Lucas says:

    My heart sank upon the announcement concerning “Mo.” It was just last Monday in the cafeteria that I had the opportunity to really know him. As I was emptying my tray, he engaged me in a conversation concerning his life. He spoke about Trinity and talked about the years he had been here and all the changes he had witnessed. He spoke about the hundreds of students and faculty he had interacted with. He smiled as he told me how much he loved this place… Yes, he loved working here. It had become a part of who he was. I had a new respect for him. I distinctly remember walking away with the thought, “He just shared his life with me…” Rest in peace, Maurice… Rest in peace…

  6. Patricia Phillips says:

    RIP Mo Drake your smiling face will truly be missed. Your Friend And Coworker
    Pat Phillips

  7. Reonna Hester says:

    Mr Mauricw was a hard working and dedicated man! My time at trinity he made my expierence even better with his encouraging words, smile and voice when he told me to “go get a plate girl” he will truly be missed!

  8. Ashley Archibald says:

    My favorite memory of “Moe” was seeing him every morning (breakfast and lunch) hour. He was never in a bad mood and was I always grateful to see his presence. I always respected him and and he gave the same respect. I will truly miss him.

  9. Angela Anderson says:

    May he rest in peace. Mr. Drake had an amazing spirit and was always high energy. May that energy live on in his loved ones memories.

  10. Paris says:

    I’ve had many great memories from just his hellos, jokes, and casual conversation. However this is my favorite. Just last Friday (April 1st), I was trying to get my new phone turned on and had my SIM card from my last phone out on my tray to put in my new phone. I was in a rush to my next class and went to throw everything away. 1.5 hours later I realized I didn’t have my SIM card. I panicked and went back to the last place I was, the cafeteria. I’m frantically looking for it around the tray area and trash. Mr. Maurice and Tim say “what’s wrong, what did you lose”…I tell them and Mr. Maurice says, “oh man babygirl, I took my trash out from the first hour of lunch already and took the dishes to the back. But let’s see if we can find them”…Tim and Mr. Maurice are trying their best to help me but we didn’t find anything. 15 minutes later I go to where I was sitting and I’m scanning the floor for this Impossibly small SIM card. Lo’ and behold, I found it! I run to Mr. Maurice and tell him and he cracks up while shaking his head and told me not to lose anything else. The fact that he was so willing to help me find a SIM card, something that is about the size of the tip of the average index finger, was proof of his good nature. I appreciate the last memory of him is how kind he was.

  11. Hope Y. Brown says:

    Rest In Peace <3

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