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New Life at the Arboretum


EAGLE CAMAmid all of the hotheaded political rhetoric and general chaos of these days, there’s nothing more life-affirming than to watch nature’s processes run their course at the National Arboretum.  Right now, the “eagle cam” is showing the hatching of new eaglets in a nest near the azalea area at the Arboretum.  Soon those fuzzy little guys will be fledglings spreading their wings, and they’ll be flying by early summer.

eagle 2 - Copy (3)Last year on a sunny spring day at the Arboretum, I happened to drive past that very area near the azaleas and was able to take the photo above of the eagle landing.  Not sure if this is the same nest, but I suspect so!

If you’ve never been to the National Arboretum, plan a trip this spring!  It’s beautiful, and right here in the city!  The entrance is right off Bladensburg Road on R Street, NE directions here.  Especially in the spring with all of the flowering treest, it’s just breathtaking.

To celebrate the new eagles hatching at the National Arboretum, here are some of my other favorite eagle photos from the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge:

framed eagle 2_edited-2 (Custom) (2)october eagleeagle (Medium)bombay hook eagle 2_edited-1eagle wingspread


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