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New Red Roof In The Neighborhood!


glenwood view

Just in time for Christmas… a new red roof is rising in the neighborhood!  On the photo above, the new red tile roof of the new Trinity Academic Center appears on the left, while the historic red tile of Main Hall and the dome extend across the center all the way to the right.  The new Academic Center has a big roof so the tile work will be ongoing for the next few weeks, but below are some photos of the progress thus far… enjoy!

This view shows the red tile progress to date along the Franklin Street side of the building:

franklin 1

The new roof looks sharp under that bright blue sky!

franklin 2

The color of the tiles matches the historic red roof of Main Hall perfectly!

dome and spire 2


In those photos above the red tiles at the bottom are the new roof, a great match for the 115 year-old tiles of Main Hall’s great dome!

Let’s give a huge round of applause and great thanks to the remarkable workers whose skill (and daring walking up on that roof!) and hard work combine to give us a beautiful new academic center!


roofersroofers 1roofers 6roofers 4

Many thanks to all of the crews with Clark Construction and all contractors, and thanks to all of our partners at EYP, JLL, Goulston & Storrs, Suntrust and All!

Front roof will be coming soon…. stay tuned via the webcam and follow me @Trinityprez on Twitter for daily updates!

front view_edited-1


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