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2015 has been a very difficult year for the global village.  With so much international violence, terrorism, rumors of war and ongoing economic and social catastrophes in the world’s forgotten corners, we Americans should count our many blessings with a loud “Thanks and Amen!” each day.  But instead, in too many ways, our domestic sorrows and conflicts seem to compete with a sincere disposition toward gratitude.

Trinity, as always, must stand out as a countercultural force for good, for hope, for charity and fortitude.  We are so fortunate on this small campus to have so many amazing students, devoted faculty and staff, generous and loyal alumnae and benefactors, and steadfast friends.  Sure, we have our moments of difficulty, but even in our toughest times we have the care and respect for each other that carries the day.

On this Thanksgiving 2015, let’s focus on the ways in which Trinity can be a force for social change, a powerful advocate for justice and peace in a world that seems to have too little of either.  And so that we can have the strength to persist, let’s take a few minutes to count the real blessings we share at Trinity.  Here’s a very short video that demonstrates all of the reasons why we must give thanks for our lives at Trinity:



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