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Voices and Images of Trinity Reflect on Pope Francis


Following the Pope’s Mass at the Basilica of the National Shrine, Trinity students offered these reflections and photos:

“Today’s event has been a blessing!  I feel nothing but joy!  I feel so blessed to witness history. As an educator, I have witnessed the Pope’s humble affect on the poor, marginal, and the exceptional.  This humbleness gives me the courage and aspirations to become an educational leader that will make a difference in the lives of our future citizens.  God Bless America!” (Natalie McCollum)

Sophomore Ayantu Jinfessa took these photos of monks praying outside the Shrine and the people perched on Trinity’s hillside:


trinity hill

Senior Airen Washington captioned her photos below this way:  “Student (Senior) Kirsten Collins and (Senior )Airen Washington actually experienced seeing the Holy Father Third Pope Francis at Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception! There was such a wave of tranquility and thankfulness as we watched his Popemobile ride by”

Aien 4

Airen 3

MBA student Maria Williams writes about “…the once in a lifetime opportunity to see Pope Francis conduct the service today. Witnessing the mass and so many people coming together was a life changing experience that words cannot describe. In those few hours I gleaned what it means to be for the people, serve the people and love unconditionally. It’s time for me to implement changes in my life to reach my biggest purpose.”  Maria sent these photos:


Silvia Medina Balcazar sent these photos:

silvia 2silvia 4

silvia 5silvia 6

Do you have reflections, opinions, photos or other comments about your experience of seeing and watching Pope Francis this week?  Send them to and I will publish them on this blog!

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