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Voices and Images of Trinity Greeting Pope Francis!



Sr. Mary Johnson, SND, Professor of Sociology and Religious Studies (above, left) at the Basilica of the National Shrine before the Pope’s Mass Canonizing Junipero Serra begins.

Professor Jamey Piland sent these great pics from the site of the Papal Mass at the National Shrine:


jamey joejamey camilla

Sr. Camilla Burns, SND, Professor of Religious Studies (above with Dr. Piland), reminds us that “The Pope does not preach the Catechism but the Gospel!”  Students will have essays on that topic tomorrow!!

And here is Trinity’s SND delegation including Board Chair Sr. Patricia O’Brien, Sr. Camilla Burns, Sr. Eucharia Madeuke (who has been with the Nuns on the Bus of NETWORK!), Sr. Anne Mary O’Donnell and Sr. Mary Hayes!


Trinity Trustee Kathy Raffa and her husband Tom are also at the National Shrine and they sent along some pics of the Mass and the papal parade prior to Mass:

Kathy and Tom

Raffa 6

Raffa 1

Raffa 2

Raffa 4Wow, quite a crowd!

Earlier in the day….

Cheering for the St. Augustine’s Choir and Choir Director Mr. Samuel Cromwell who sang for the Pope and President this morning.  Mr. Cromwell also directs Trinity’s Gospel Choir!

cromwell cropped

Student Diana Escobar shares this photo of Sacred Heart Parish making their pilgrimage to see Pope Francis at the White House:

Escobar 1


Trinity’s Director of Trinity at THEARC Beverly Lucas posed with this Pope Francis cutout at the Washington School for Girls, our partners at THEARC:

Lucas 1

Beverly writes,

“I have been following the events leading up to Pope Francis’ visit.  Days leading up to his arrival, like many others, my excitement has amplified.  Yesterday, as I watched him walk out of the plane from Andrews Air Force Base, I found myself clapping and jumping.  Pope Francis is, “the Pope of the people.”  I respect and honor his leadership – his love for all people, his humility, and his concern for the poor and disenfranchised.  His words of encouragement captures the heart and mind of all people across the globe.  He has reached beyond faith and religious barriers.  I believe Pope Francis is a man after God’s own heart.

“This picture was taken at Washington Middle School for Girls where they have placed an elaborate cut-out of Pope Francis in the lobby.  As I noticed it out of the corner of my eye, my heart dropped because it appeared so real.  I had to take this picture to capture the moment…. I capture it:  “My Moment with Pope Francis.”


Have a photo, a comment, a memory of the visit of Pope Francis?  Send them to me and I will post them here!

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