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More Memories of Pope Francis!


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Tamar C. Gilbert who is earning her MSA in Federal Program Management writes, “This was such historical moment. I had the opportunity to see Pope John Paul in 1979 right on the corner of 4th & Franklin Street, NE. , who was the first Pope to visit the United States. Now I have experienced the blessing of the current Pope Francis realizing the magnitude of the Pope’s presence to the world.”  Her photos are above and below.

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Monica McCall-Matey, a senior in the School of Professional Studies writes, “I was able to witness a historical moment and be apart of a Mass with over 25,000 of God’s children. I am so happy to be apart of the Trinity family and thanks again for that amazing opportunity to witness Pope Francis. ”  Her photos:

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How thrilling to see the St. Augustine Choir sing for Pope Francis and President Obama last week at the White House.  And that’s Trinity’s own Gospel Choir Director Samuel Cromwell leading his choir from St. Augustine’s which includes some Trinity alums as well.  Congratulations!  Here’s a great photo of Mr. Cromwell with our alumna and Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi ’62 at that same White House event with the pope:

Cromwell and Pelosi

We are so grateful to Mr. Cromwell for his amazing leadership of Trinity’s Gospel Choir — so much beautiful song for the Cap & Gown Liturgy yesterday!

This reflection is from Trinity Center Director Shae Agee:

“As Pope Francis emerged from the Vatican embassy, he greeted many kids who were there to get a glimpse and most likely a selfie with the Holy Father. I was touched by the excitement of this generation and also by one particular Latina girl.  She was interviewed by a reporter who asked her why she was so excited to see Pope Francis. To paraphrase, she enthusiastically declared that Pope Francis helps her believe in her dreams. As I thought about the political climate and the immigration reform issue, one overwhelming thought came to mind. Pope Francis is helping her to dream, while some people in our political system are trying to take away the dreams of many Hispanic families in our country. I am so grateful that our next generation has such a great role model who embodies love. “

Do you have photos or memories to share from the visit of Pope Francis?  Send them to or comment below

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