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Welcome, Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur!



Interrupting my Adirondack Chronicles to give a hearty Trinity WELCOME to the Sisters of Notre Dame who are gathering on campus this weekend for their General Chapter.  More than 100 SNDs from all over the world will gather at Trinity for the next three weeks to pray, plan and elect new leadership for the future.  Welcome, Sisters!

Trinity is so proud of our 117 year-old partnership with the Sisters of Notre Dame.  We tell the story of our founding often, because in that story we find so much of the inspiration that keeps Trinity’s mission vital today.  In 1897, Sister Julia McGroarty, Sister Mary Euphrasia Taylor, and a small group of other SNDs envisioned a college for women equal to the men’s colleges of that day.  They founded Trinity amid protests over the whole idea of the education of women (“heresy” in the minds of some conservative clerics) and with the constant concern about resources that continues even today.    But they did not let opposition or poverty stop them, and we take the example of their courage and fortitude today to persist in the idea that a great higher education is essential for women, children and families to flourish.

Faculty, staff and students of Trinity join me in extending our welcome, our thanks and praise to the Sisters of Notre Dame!

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