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Adirondack Chronicles 2014.7: Back to Reality


“Comin’ down the mountain” after a few weeks in the back woods — no television, very limited radio and internet — is an interesting immersion experience.   As I drove down I-81 from New York yesterday, the horrific news of the shooting down of the Malaysian Air flight was a constant “breaking news” message on my car radio, paired with the ongoing battles in Israel and the Gaza Strip.  While the natural world can be harsh and unforgiving on its own terms, the savagery that humans inflict on each other is unparalleled in nature.  Our hearts must go out to all the suffering victims and families while we search for answers to the ongoing violence…

While my time in the Adirondacks is always a pleasant period of rest and de-stressing, I am eager to get back to Trinity because we have such an important agenda to pursue —- yes, our big construction project and hundreds of new students to welcome in just a few weeks, but more importantly, pursuing our mission that calls every Trinity student, faculty and staff member to be a force for good, for peace and justice in a world that knows too little of those virtues and too much violence, war and hostility.

Below, a few final snapshots of the lovely wild things to make us smile and remember good times in the busy days to come:

This chipmunk was busy reaching for some leaves and berries:

CHIPPIE 2 (Large)But then decided to strike a pose:

CHIPPIE (Large)These ducklings were wondering whether to jump into the roiling waves along the shores of Tupper Lake:

ducklings 2 (Large)Aw, heck, just do it!

ducklings (Large)This little guy preferred the reeds:

duckling 3 (Large)Great blue herons just keep on snackin’:

SNACK (Large)And the bees are very busy pollinating and making honey…

BEE (Large)From the highway that goes almost to the top of Whiteface Mountain, a great view of Lake Placid and the High Peaks:

lake placid (Large)Til next year….



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