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Adirondack Chronicles 2014.5


LOON PREEN (Large)Cold, wet and windy — Adirondack weather in the summer can go from hot and humid to November-like in a heartbeat.  Many of the wild things seem to be staying deep in their lairs this summer as the low temperatures and rainy days make staying in bed so attractive…!  But the loons are irrepressible!  They are out on the lakes preening and doing the usual loon things…

LOON 2 (Large)I have not seen any loon chicks… perhaps I arrived too late in the season this year.  But the mergansers and other ducks are keeping their little gaggles in order quite nicely…

MERGANSERS (Large)All along the lakesides, the chatter of belted kingfishers is loud, but these little birds are very hard to capture in a photo since they dart from limb to water and back again very swiftly.  I got just one frame of this one high up in a pine tree:

KINGFISHER (Medium)On another dead tree trunk, a norther flicker alighted for just long enough to show off its yellow tail feathers and beautiful red crown:

Northern Flicker (Medium)On a rare sunny afternoon, padding along the meandering pathways of the Raquette River, I spied this turtle sunbathing:

TURTLE 2 (Medium)Turtles don’t like closeups, though, so as I moved in a little bit and snapped this view it slithered off the log and splashed into the water…

TURTLE 4 (Large)Nearby, this female mallard was enjoying a drink on a slow afternoon:


This great blue heron was lurking in the tall grass along the river:

GBH RAQUETTE FLOW (Large)….and this one along the upper Hudson River did not hang around for a posed photo:

TAHAWUS GBH 1 (Large)A beautiful spot on the Raquette River at the outlet from Tupper Lake:

TUPPER ROCKS (Large)And, at day’s end, a serene scene at dusk on the edge of Blue Mountain Lake:

DUSK BML 2 (Large)And moonset over Shaw Pond on my way back to the cabin…


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